Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Incentives matter

The estimable Mark W has a brilliant post here, which I am going to quote in full:

OK, we've finally wised up to the fact that a lot of MPs have second and third homes.

More widely publicised is the fact that the average house price has fallen by about £30,000 since late 2007. As heartbreaking as that may be for the one million borrowers in negative equity, does it not gladden your heart that for every £1 you have lost, the average MP has lost £3 or £4?

So, next time the government announces some grand plan to 'boost mortgage lending' or 'kickstart the housing market', just ask yourself: for whose benefit are they doing this, and with whose money?

Of course! That explains why the bastards are so keen to do it!


Anonymous said...

Mother fuckers have 2 homes and I don't have any.Typed from relatives house.

Barnacle Bill said...

We still don't know how many nuLabor Mps had mortgages with Northern Crock, whether on first, second, or in Glove-Puppets case fifth house.
Mind you I think he would have kept his custom north of the border - Dumbarton BS?

Mitch said...

that cheers me up no end.