Friday, 15 May 2009

An open letter to Clarkson, Hammond and May

Hi guys,

Next time you do one of your hilarious caravan smashing and exploding gags, is there any chance you could have Margaret Beckett strapped into one of the cameras? I'd love to see the supercilious old bag burnt to a screaming death.

There could be a fiver in it for each of you.

Ta ever so much!


Tip of the clown wig to TDM for the image.


Anonymous said...

I hate Clarkson et al but its a good if not great idea.

Anonymous said...

Btter still while they are at it why not blow up these three middle class twats. Jesus Christ an aircraft hanger full of fuckwits listening to these fuckers talking about cars, that if the "audience" didn't eat, pay their bills, look after any kids they might have they might, just might be able to afford one of these overpriced cock substitutes in oooh say about 20 years and that would be a third hand one at the very least. Just glad I don't buy a TV licence to help pay their wages.