Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sovereignty will leave the Commons with Michael Martin

From the LPUK blog:

British Sovereignty will leave the Commons with Michael Martin. It seems that the Europhiles have another victory by removing the last vestige of sovereignty from the Commons. Subtle, smoke and mirrors, but most important.

Two days ago I questioned the motives behind the extraordinary revelations by the Telegraph, exposing the excesses of the MP's and Speaker. Yes, they needed exposing, but I questioned the timing, I questioned the real motivation. I suggested then that this was part of the bigger EU plan to destroy the Authority of Parliament (updated this morning), it seems that Brown has qualified my theory and done the work of the Europhiles with his announcements on 'reform'. Subtle, smoke and mirrors, but most important.

Michael Martin, his abysmal work done, is now expendable, as are all those who have allowed their greed to prevail over their oath, and allowed others to to steal like thieves the goodwill and vested interest of Britain and its Parliament. I have no qualms in referring to them as Traitors.

As Michael Martin leaves for the last time on June 21st, the power of his office will set firm within the executive, and his authority will be given away to a quango to oversee the MP's who file into the house to rubber stamp fresh deliveries of directives from Brussels.

One senior Conservative David Davis proclaimed that the new speaker will be 'the most powerful in history' adding: 'This is a time for the House of Commons to find a new voice and that voice may not be the voice of the existing establishment.' Mr Davis is most telling with that statement.

The role of speaker will be reduced to that of a process manager, merely there to tick the boxes, stop the children squabbling and calling the order of business for the day, pre-set by the executive's Leader of the House.

Richard North on the EU Referendum blog sums this up more succinctly than I..

Before he goes, it seems, Speaker Martin is determined to complete the task of emasculating Parliament, destroying the last vestiges of the doctrine that it is "sovereign in its own House".

Thus, according to reports, Martin is set to push through radical change before he steps down, with the Cabinet this morning set to place the House of Commons "in the hands of independent regulators rather than the House itself."

As to future Speakers, the nature of their role will change. There will no longer be a Speaker who is in charge as chief executive. He will be procedural and ceremonial.

Even in the manner of the Speaker's resignation, we see Parliament showing its weakness rather than its strength. As my co-editor observes, this has not come about at the behest of the House of Commons as it ought to. Clearly, the prime minister has told him to go.

"Thus, the House has not managed to impose its authority even over him. This was a small test and they failed. The Speaker is still the Executive's bully boy; it's just that he is no longer useful to them."

And, with his departure, we see not the House instigating its own reforms, but the Cabinet – i.e., the Executive – using its satrap to impose changes. Thus we are to see – if this travesty goes ahead - the "mother of parliaments" deemed no longer capable of running its own affairs, its management to be vested in "independent regulators" – unelected, of course, and financed by the government. Speaker Lenthall would be turning in his grave.

However, since Parliament has largely been relegated to "procedural and ceremonial" matters, it is only appropriate that the Speaker should be allocated a similar role. But a Parliament which is no longer in charge of regulating its own affairs – and thus dis-empowered - can no longer lay claim to regulating the conduct of government.

In the fullness of time, I suppose, the new body – which we could call the Parliamentary Regulatory Agency Temporary (or "Offtrough" for short) – will have to be brought under the control of the about-to-be formed European Parliamentary Regulatory Agency. Clearly, under the Single Market, different rules cannot be allowed for different national parliaments.

Then the take-over will be complete, with Speaker Martin being remembered for his scorched earth policy which finally destroyed the very idea of an independent parliament in Westminster.

I do not and will not accept the rule of Brussels.
I am not a European citizen as the EU is not a state.
I am British, a citizen of the United Kingdom.

I take the vow now that I shall seek all legal and peaceful means to retain the absolute Sovereignty of the United Kingdom as a nation state, and the sovereignty loaned from the people vested in the House of Commons, unless and until the people of the United Kingdom agree to political union with others through the ballot box.

The lines are being drawn one by one by this Government. They shall draw no more for me to cross.


Anonymous said...

Authority of parliament?Don't you mean authority of New Scotland Yard?Bramshill delenda est.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I feared as's just the way Gordoom seems to be working hard to come up smelling of roses.

Who tipped off The Telegraph anyway? Was it Gordoom himself or is he good at using the situation for his own ends? I've been smelling a rat about this for an awful long time. Even bleach won't kill it.

Anonymous said...

Freedom association

Anonymous said...

i only read your crap to remind myself how much i dislike you. unfortunately, you are almost certainly right. there is a great big fat "qui bono?" about this whole event. what horrors are about to unfold?