Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Weasel words

Something I've noticed about politics since Labour came to power: no one does anything, or plans to do anything, they either talk about it or they have a commission do a report on it.

I was struck by this curious turn of phrase by Alan "Spanish Practices" Johnson:

Mr Johnson, who has been widely tipped as a potential successor to Mr Brown, urged the prime minister to involve the public in "a root and branch examination" of the political system in order to regain trust following the expenses scandal.
Examination? Ex-fucking-amination? I think you will find, Mr Johnson, that the only examination we want is to see what you fuckers look like after a week in a Judas chair.



Fidothedog said...

Chuck the cunt in an Iron Maiden for a week or 3 I say.

Harri i do not live in the Nazi Police state so can smoke where the fuck i like. said...

So it was that self righteous prick was it who carried out the EU smoking ban orderz from ze Generals in ze shithole of Brussells.

I voz only obeying orderz ... fuck him.

As above said...

Just to finish ...

Harri i do not live in the Nazi Police

State so i can smoke where the fuck i like.

JuliaM said...

Vivisection is 'examination'. Isn't it?

A Labour Politician said...

Why do us Labour politicians never actually do anything, you ask? Well, I'm afraid that's apparently quite a difficult question, but my solution is easy. I'm going to talk for a long time about a
subject not in anyway related and pretty soon people will forget about it. I'll remind people that Labour politicians everywhere have great haircuts. I'll also tell people that, under Gordon Brown's stewardship, we have had, on average, 15% better weather than

Anonymous said...

The problem is that it isn't only ZanuLabour that does this.
It's an integral part of 'big' government and unless a miracle happens between now and the next election - something that would make the parting of the Red Sea look like a party trick from an Xmas cracker - then it'll just carry on the same old way.

Wyrdtimes said...

lol spot on

Lescromps said...

This is the "big get out of any decision making at all" by these useless set of blaggers,not a decent or competent one amongst the lot of them.