Saturday, 2 May 2009

What will happen when Labour lose?

I was reading this article by Alex Massie (and others of a similar kidney), which says:

Labour would be well-advised to get rid of Brown after the European elections next month, replace him with someone such as Alan Johnson or even, god help us, Jack Straw and promise to hold an election in October this year. Since there's little advantage in carrying on with Broon to the Bitter End it would be better to lance the boil now and be done with it. A new leader might not win, but he might not be hated and the subject of ridicule as Brown is. Indeed, a degree of frankness from Labour: we messed up with Gordon but that's Over Now might help Labour.

And I got to wondering: since the Gorgon hasn't had the minerals to face an election within his party, what would he do as leader of the Labour Party if Labour were trounced at an election? Would he actually resign? Or would he just carry on blithely pretending to be "getting on with the jobbie"? Would it not be a fitting dénouement to Labour's time in power to have a raving madman clinging on to whatever power he may have until his fingernails are bleeding and the men in white coats come and physically drag him out of the building, screaming about "difficult decisions" and "the right thing for the country" and "it all started in America"?


The Penguin said...

None of the cunts is acceptable, they all have blood on their hands, they all stink of corruption and cowardice. Jack Fucking Slippery Straw? Who would trust him further than you could spit an elephant? Alan Johnson? Fucking complacent cunt presides over an NHS which kills 40,000 people a year "accidentally". Harman? She's a sick joke and a gross hypocrite. Hazel Blears? Ginger minger who hounded a pensioner to death over a legal challenge. The discarded dinosaurs like Charles Clarke and Stephen Lyers? John "No Shots Required" Reid?

They are all as tainted as McBroon.

They need to be buried. Hopefully the day is coming.

The Penguin

Chalcedon said...

They are all a bunch of twats. Can you imaging that bastard Balls as PM? Certainly not the Banana Boy and Harperson would also be a liability.

I hope they hang onto Albatross McBroon to remind us what a bunch of authoritarian bastards they are. I cannot understand why they have 23% or whatever it is support.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he could linger on in the House of Commons as a Great Sulk to rival the traitor Heath himself?