Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Who'd want to be leader of LibLabCon today, eh?

Well, who'd want to be Gordon Brown, ever? But he's a delusional nutter anyway, so he's got no challenges, he's going to get on with the jobby of making the difficult decisions to help this country overcome the global problems inflicted on us by America. Right up until the men in white coats come round.

The buttered new potato has an interesting challenge: he can tough it out, or he can take action. He can sack everyone caught troughing. Which would leave his side of the house pretty much empty.

And Nick "Who he?" Clegg must be clenching his buttocks rather firmly for tomorrow. In a sense, he's the big beneficiary of all this, because even if the SocDems are caught troughing, nobody knows who they are, so no-one will care. I'd be amused if "Wise Old Cable" turned out to be a trougher, though.

But there is a much bigger issue here, and the papers, sadly, are not covering it.

The papers are focussing on the big names, the big insults to the public and the big troughing. They are ignoring the issue that almost every single MP will have at least one expense that would get you or me fired if we tried to pull it, whether it's an honest mistake or not. In other words, there isn't really any difference, other than degree, between house-flippers and pretty much the cleanest of them. Even Hollobone caught my eye with the size of his second home claim.

I would be impressed if fewer than 600 of the 646 wouldn't get the sack if they worked under the same expense regime as I do.

The whole lot of them are getting away with stuff that you or I would not, even if we wanted to. They are partly correct: the system is wrong. But you have to ask yourself: who developed the system. As I read elsewhere today, the system doesn't steal public money, politicians do.

So ... the Augean stables need a good cleaning and our professional politicians aren't up to the job. You know what to do.


nbc said...

I've got "expense fatigue" already and so I couldn't really give a shit about the libdims.

It's never going to be as funny as the rent-boy saga is it?

captainff said...

Obnoxio - where do you stand on Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins (apart from "his face while wearing hobnail boots")?

Seems at face value to be one of the few.. .. .. ..

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@captainff: I like the idea of the list you're compiling.

As far as I can see, even Philip Hollobone has an intriguing history of second home allowance claiming. So far, Kelvin Hopkins seems to be the only MP to merit the "Honourable" part of his title. I hope there will be more, but I would be amazed if you found 50.

Chalcedon said...

Of course it is the politicians doing the stealing, the system justs make sure they can't be prosecuted. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. I think we need guns.

Mitch said...

Can we decorate Blackpool tower with MPs wrapped in silver foil then start again?