Monday, 1 June 2009



Gordon Brown today moved to defend Chancellor Alistair Darling, insisting that he believed there was no substance to allegations that he claimed parliamentary expenses on two homes at once.

versus this:

Mr Darling said it was "untrue" he had claimed for two properties at once but would repay the flat's service charges for September to December 2007.

How's that moral compass working for you, you fat, pasty-faced freak?


The Penguin said...

His mirror gave him a nasty shock though.

The Penguin

Dungeekin said...

Word is, Darling's position is under threat.

Primarily coz his arse is now too slack for Gord's Clunking Fist.


Anonymous said...

Buy the book, then judge.

JuliaM said...

Just read over on Dale's that he took the time to check on Susan Boyle's condition after the finals.

It's pretty much all up for him now, isn't it?

Please god, isn't it!?

microdave said...

A bit annoying that Susan Boyle can be assessed under the Mental Health act for having a short fuse, and throwing a cup of water over her floor manager. Yet Gordoom is known to be far worse and nobody does anything. I wonder why?