Monday, 15 June 2009

The not at all hidden costs of multi-culturalism

How many "schoolsanhospitals" is £50-million then?

Town halls and Whitehall spend £50 million a year on translation and interpretation for the benefit of people who cannot speak English.

OK ...

Yet now an investigation has found that many of the expensively-produced foreign-language leaflets have never been read.

Can I make a fucking suggestion? How about we save the £50 million and say that if you want to come live here, you have to make the effort to FUCKING LEARN ENGLISH, YOU CUNTS?

I'm planning on fucking off to Germany and / or France for a couple of years. Rest assured that before I set foot in either country with the intention of living there, I will at least make sure that I can get by in German (which I already can) and / or French.

Fuck all this stupid bending over backward for people who either can't be arsed or don't give a shit. And for the record: fuck all the ex-pat Brits who go overseas and can't be arsed to learn the lingo. They are cunts, too.


Pogo said...

At least the ex-pat Brits who don't learn the language have to pay for their own translation services - they don't present any cost to the indiginous population. If they don't learn the lingo then it's purely their own loss, both financial and "cultural".

I spend a fair percentage of my time in Barcelona and if I go to the local council offices I find everything there is in two languages... Castellano (classical "Spanish") and Catalan (the language of the Catalunyan state). Ask for one in another language and they look at you like you've dropped in from Mars.

We're fucking mad in this country... I'm going to stop before I start sounding like a BNP supporter. :-)

Pogo said...

Oh, forgot to mention... I do speak Spanish (Castellano) but not Catalan, but as I also speak French I can understand some Catalan as it has features from both languages though it's not a patois (I think).

Paul said...

Seeing bigoted, ignorant British expats in foreign nations demanding that everything be in English for them is as embarrassing and unpleasant as watching people from tribal nations demanding that they are dealt with in their language.

The language of the UK is English. Oh, and those fuckers demanding that everything be in Welsh or Ulster bloody Scots are just as bad.

Les Hansom said...

You all sound like BNP supporters already!

Shut your whining fucking mouths and get used to the fact we live in a global community.

Translation costs should be something every government makes allowance for. Just because our government is shit is no excuse!

Constantly Furious said...

Fucking right.

One of my largest furies in living memory occurred in a local general-stores-and-post-office when I was trying to buy a jar of marmite; not only did the woman not know what marmite was, but she didn't speak enough English for me to explain what it was.

If I'd been in Bangalore, or Lima, I'd have expected a little trouble getting hold of some marmite, but having to mime yeast extract to a gurning idiot five miles outside Cambridge? For fuck's sake.

Lancastrian Oik said...

You fuck off yourself, Hansom.

If we do live in a "global community" then why the fuck should the UK taxpayer or those of any other country foot the bill for translation?

Anonymous said...

Cease these payments immediately!! I don't mind if I sound BNP, its about time we could discuss these things without some little arse-wipe council worker claiming we're all racists. If we didn't pay any translation money, you'd be amazed how quickly these muslims would have a miracle from Allah and suddenly speak English, so they can get their benefits and tax credits!!

Lord Lindley

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Les, I don't buy this. If I can take responsibility for my own life when I go overseas, ESPECIALLY if I'm going to live somewhere rather than just visit for a week, I reckon everybody else can too.

How do you feel when you see English people abroad who think that speaking louder somehow makes people understand English?

Constantly Furious said...

Because of a "distributed" upbringing, followed by extensive business travel, I can convey my fury eloquently in Italian, French and Spanish, and be pretty annoyed in German, Swedish and Russian. I can scrape by in Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

No government's money was spent in acheiving this: I wanted to be
a) polite to friends/colleagues/locals;
b) served with the right food;
c) aware of what was going on;

Hansom, you're a twat.

Oleuanna said...

Please don't go to France as I am moving there to escape twats like you.

Germany I feel would suit you better, it's history dictates that.

And people flee here because of troubles back home...the just didn't have time to pick up a translation book on the way over.

Plenty of them are in school learning the language.

And marmite least she was fucking working....

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@oleuanna: well, that makes two of us. I'm going there to escape cunts like you.

Constantly Furious said...

"And marmite least she was fucking working"....

Yeah, she was working. She was running the local shop and post office, the social and commercial hub of the community, serving the needs of all those unable to travel in to a larger town. Plenty of elderly/impoverished-and-carless people could shop nowhere else. A vital role at the heart of the local community.

Presumably at least some of her pay was coming from the Post Office. making her a Public Sector (paid by me) worker too.

Given those two facts: why the fuck couldn't she speak English?.

Paul said...

I spend quite a bit of time in Denmark. Everyone speaks English there. But anything remotely to do with the Danish state or the government is in Danish. If you can't speak Danish, you're stuffed. You either learn Danish or you're on the margins. They still have big problems with immigrants though which has led to the Danish People's Party having a big say in Danish immigration policy.

Should be like that here.

Oleuanna said...

Don't you dare go there!!! If you hate multiculturalism so much you should stay in your own back yard.@obo

But a typical empire attitude... People can't come to your country but happy to put your fat bigoted arse in everybody elses.

Marmite boy...she probably speaks great english when she goes home...she just puts on the act just to piss you off.

And god are you paying her wages as well...AMAZING

But one does wonder how does the post office stay open??? She must be doing something right with such limited communication...but hey why bother to be grateful for what she actually provides.

Next time you are in managing to sure to tell her just how shit it all is....

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Well, I was going to go live in Germany first, but now I think I'll try France first. May like it so much I'll never leave, who knows?

Oleuanna said...

@obo *cunt*

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! *grins*

Anonymous said...

I live in Thailand in any Thai government office everything is in the Thai language. If you want an interpreter you pay for one. Some time ago I had to go into the housing office in Stretford for a relation, the receptionist was a very nice Polish girl who was dewaling with an arab woman and her kids non of whom could speak English. While I was waiting I saw a notice board, 49 (fortynine) languages on it except English.In Manchester town hall aka the Kremlin in the taxi licensing dept they have notices in urdu great what next urdu traffic signs and yes I do know they have roadwork sighns in Chesire in Polish. In my view the only translation paid for by us should be Braille, you know the writing deaf people use.

Anonymous said...



Lord Mandleson

David Davis said...

I don't think the Town Halls are doing this translation stuff for the benefit of anyone at all, at all.

They know full well that nobody reads it.

They not only don't give a stuff, but they are doing it actively to spite __US__ , and supposedly to rub our noses, for us, in our to-be-self-assumed guilt for __our__ "imperialism" and "slavery" which __we__ imposed on the rest of the (native-Gippoopoolandi-peaceful-peoples-of-everywhere-else...)

This money is being used as a weapon to hurt __us__, in our faces, and __not__ to help others.


Anonymous said...

Oleuanna, you seem to misunderstand something here.

Nobody is complaining about people coming to the UK, per se.

They are complaining about people coming to the UK and costing the people who already live here money having the taxpayer fund translation services for them, instead of them taking the responsibility of learning English upon themselves.

woman on a raft said...

having to mime yeast extract to a gurning idiot five miles outside Cambridge?

You've put it down to ethnicity, but it's more to do with Marmite, which is a dangerous furrin substance, prob'ly to do with French marital aids, and does not occur in decent Christian villages.

Mebbe yow could get some in Wisbech - them rum lot are used to catering to the exotic tastes of racy continental types as some of the big boats still pull in there. I allus said Wisbech worra den of iniquity a'ter them Rolley Stones played the Corn Exchange on July 20 1963.

No, we don't have no truck o tham univarsity carry-ons with mimes and sitch. Coming in here with yer silk opera hat and striped jersey an all..

Longrider said...

My part of France has its own dialect, which makes things interesting. Having a modicum of Parisian French I thought I was doing okay. A remote village where the spoken language is partially French and partially Occitan makes life interesting.

All bureaucracy is in French - like it or lump it. The only concession that I have to ask is that people speak slowly so that I can catch the words. Waste of time with my neighbour though - even the French have difficulty understanding him.

Joe Public said...

The bad news is: the the "Investigation" cost £51m

Rob said...

It has come to a pretty pass when you have to excuse yourself as not being a BNP supporter simply because you want people to learn your own fucking language, the language of the country you live in and to which they have come.

microdave said...

Richard Littlejohn agrees with you:

Scroll down to "What’s the Polish for ‘Tarmac your drive, sir?’"