Thursday, 18 June 2009

Not just cunts, but stupid cunts

I picked an MP (Jonathan Djanogly) at random and opened the first PDF file. And what did I see?

Utilities: 1570.82
Council Tax: 744.00
Telephone: 333.17
Cleaning: 1543.00
Maintenance: 1425.00
Repairs: Blacked out
Total: 8355.86

Now, the other items come to £5615.99 and there are no other items, so I can only assume the that blacked out money spent on repairs was £2739.87.

Jesus, what a bunch of fucksticks, they really just don't have a cunting clue, do they?


Old Bag said...

they only know how to spend our money. fucking cuntknockers the lot of them.

microdave said...

They are obviously too stupid to black out the "Totals" box. Perhaps they assume (wrongly) that nobody can do simple arithmetic anymore.