Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Papieren Bitte

What a fucking balls-up:

Teachers will need a "licence to teach" and must renew it every five years or face being banned from the classroom, Ed Balls announced today in a bid to reform schools before the general election.

Jesus, there truly is nothing so utterly fucked that these cunts can't make it ten times worse.

What the fuck does Mr Bollocks think this is going to do for teachers? Where in the fucking world have you ever, EVER heard of such a thing? Teachers, good, bad and indifferent, are just going to look at this and say "fuck off, you simpering cockmaster."

And then we'll have to import teachers like we have to import nurses. Or something.

I'm not really one for extravagant conspiracy theories, but it really, really does look to me like they are trying their level best to utterly destroy this country, doesn't it?


marksany said...

Er, we do import teachers like we do nurses. At least 20% of teachers in my area are Aussies, NZ, West Indian, African, EU and many more.

I would think NUT will challenge in court and win, unless Labour can repeal a chunk of employment law in Europe. You can't just sack someone because they aren't any good you know (More's the pity)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Obo, you may or may not have a point, but can you amend the post title to the grammatically more correct "Papiere, bitte!"?

"Papieren" is the dative/plural form, rather than accusative.

A capital "B" for 'bitte" would mean you are using it as a noun rather than as an abbreviation for "bitte schön", see here.

View from the Solent said...

how about MPs 'having to demonstrate that they have “up-to-date skills and [are]effective....." ' before they are even *given* a licence?

Otto said...

Yes, they have been trying their level best to destroy this country for decades.

The ultimate purpose of political correctness is to destroy all western societies. That's why when you look at "equal opportunities" in practice it is always about undermining patriots, natives of developed western countries, families, men, private property and every aspect of freedom.

The licence to teach is not just about producing a useful policy initiative. It's underlying purpose will be to weed out anyone who doesn't subscribe to good think. There is a word for the licence to teach - totalitarian!

Anonymous said...

Mark Wadsworth

ITYM 'Ausweis, bitte!'.

What sort of Soviet Fucking Union is this for these tractor production statistics being announced as 'initiatives'?

Only untermenschen scum like Balls can come up with this rubbish.

Good teacher: gets job
Great teacher: Gets good job and good pay.
Mediocre teacher: Might get job.
Lousy teacher: Gets no job.

There is no form of agony I can conceive that is good enough for Balls. The cunt could lose his entire family, and still be - er - Balls.

Imagine the kicking the pygmy cunt got at school. Now he's giving it to us.

JuliaM said...

It's looking more and more like a 'scorched earth' policy, for when the Tories get in.

The UK is being transformed into East Germany circa 1976 said...

Mendacious fascists like Balls, probably envisage such a thing as an ideal method of control over exactly what is taught in the classroom and you can bet your last pound that political correctness and slavish devotion to all the governments thought control measures, would give a teacher higher ratings than an excellent teacher, who was “off message” or placed education over political tick boxes.

Balls would rather sack ( unlicence ) a brilliant teacher, than allow the development of any independent thought among the future pupil slave class.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I watched Blinky being interviewed on Ch4 news last night, he's hyper - I'm sure the fucker must be on something. He's obviously taken the technique of just repeating the mantra far to seriously, every time he was asked a question he was up on the edge of his seat, eyes bulging, blasting - yes blasting out the prerecorded responses. The message I got was "never mind the fact that it might be a bad idea, it's our idea and it's going to work" The figures the fool is bandying around are obfuscated at best - it's actually frightening.

Lord Mandy of Boy said...

Perhaps its like an MOT for twats 'n' prats?

Kosmic_Kadet said...

Ban Edukation!
It doz me ed in.

Anonymous said...

It's about control and revenue generation.
Welcome to the new political mafia that runs the money cartel.

If you don't pay the protectors then they are the ones who punish you, and the masses pay for it without protest, just a wimper and the odd grumble.

You only stop fascists by ending them, period.

Chalcedon said...

They always do. It's Labour through and through. They are all fucking bastard marxists to the core. Most of them were left wing extremist nutters as young people. They hate us, they hate the country. Now they can't sell out to the CCCP they are selling us out to the Marxist EU. They are utter traitors.

bella gerens said...

Most states in the US require teachers to have licences.

When I lived in the state of North Carolina, in order to get a teaching licence, you had to take a (multiple choice) test in the subject you proposed to teach and pay the education board $60. If you passed, voila, you had a teaching licence. Nothing about how you taught.

Now, mind you, I never actually bothered to get my licence, so I don't know what was on the tests, but I know they were set by the government education board - so if you weren't on message, you'd have to pretend to be in order to pass.

The Young Oligarch said...

Teachers already have a licence - they have to be accredited members of the GTC .
The GTC (set up by this government)has the power to withdraw this accreditation from , basically sacking , a poor teacher .
Why does there need to be another layer of accreditation on top of this ?
Thought control can be the only answer .

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Or it could just be another bit of useless soundbite politics.

The Young Oligarch said...

No . The bastards will attempt to implement it .

It'll be a gross imposition on the real teachers at the chalk face , but a dream for the PC apparatchiks in middle/seniorish management .
Grubby leftist careers will be made on the back of this , while time and effort is diverted from the pupils .

Morale will collapse because of the beauraucratic intrusion and box-ticking (again !) .

But it means more control for the thought police tendency , so "Mission Accomplished !"

Bitter ? Me ? Ha !

Anonymous said...

More rules, more regulations, more fees, more pretending to be doing something useful, more pretending that they can do anything they want, without permission from those nice people in the EU.

Will this kill off home schooling? Is this the real target, or just an added bonus for the Enemy Classes?
Winston Smith