Monday, 15 June 2009

You couldn't make it up!

One rule for us, huh?

Auditors who have examined the American Express accounts of 3,500 officers involved in countering terrorism and organised crime have reported almost one in 11 detectives to the Metropolitan Police's internal investigators.

A senior officer appears to have spent £40,000 on his Amex card in one year, without authorisation. Items bought by others without permission include suits, women's clothing and fishing rods.

The scale of the suspected fraud, disclosed in an internal Metropolitan Police Authority report, will send shock waves through the force. Until now, the investigation into expenses fraud was thought to have focused on fewer than 40 officers.

Dude, seriously ... WTF????????

First we have our legislators exempting themselves from the laws they write for us, now we have the fucking police committing fraud while "protecting" us from terrorists and thieves!

I reckon we're heading for a national upchuck of violent proportions. At least I fucking hope so.

Unless 'stenders is on, of course!


LoudMimeDave said...

The arrests would be interesting, I imagine the equivilant to a slug turning itself inside out after having salt poured on it.

microdave said...

So someone can just run up a £40k bill without ANY queries???
Who wrote the cheque out to Amex?
Jeeeesus fucking wept....

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

It'll come to nothing, all resolved by a few funny handshakes, rolled up trouer legs and strange oaths

JuliaM said...

"So someone can just run up a £40k bill without ANY queries?"

Looks like it, doesn't it..?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This was to be expected.

You don't get honesty from the bottom upwards.

Honesty has to be practiced in the top levels and ruthlessly enforced downward.

Most of the public and those on the lower rungs of government knew the Ministers and MPs were taking and the senior civil servants enjoyed lavish benefits.

Then, unexpectedly, an immense amount of money was made available to the security forces. And there seemed to be no controls.

It took how long to get into the records of the MP expenses?