Monday, 13 July 2009

A couple of frivolous victories

So, I braved the centre of Leeds for dinner, so that I didn't cough any more money into this cuntard hotel's coffers. And I had a damn fine dinner.

But more importantly, I got two keys for my room, so I could leave every fucking bit of electrical kit running while I was out.

Suck my balls you "green" cockblockers.


Martin said...

God damn, I was in Leeds for about 20 minuites once before getting into my hotel room. I hated every second. At least the hotel staff weren't cunts.

David Gillies said...

Why did you need to have two keys to leave everything running?

And Martin, if you think Leeds is bad, you should try living in Bradford. Leeds is an oasis of sophistication and culture by comparison.

Dick Puddlecote said...

David: Cos if your key isn't in the slot inside the room, it presumes you are out and cuts the electric.

Nice work, Obo. :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually, your business card, RAC card, EU NHS card etc will all work in lieu of the room key at most hotels I've used.


David Gillies said...

Wow, Dick, that's a new one on me. I have been out of the UK for a long while. My idea of a hotel is a room with A/C and a bed, next to the beach, where you can work off the catastrophic level of intoxication you've just submitted yourself to, possibly with a frolicsome popsy.

Trixy said...

Marry Me.