Thursday, 23 July 2009

An "infinite number of monkeys" moment

He's Scottish.

He's Labour.

He's an MP.

But this is a) funny, b) vicious and c) absolutely spot on.



Anonymous said...

Who knows but this entry might look a little foolish 12 months from now when Labour are beaten into third place by ... well, probably by the LibDems.

Labour as a political force is certainly dying. It has nothing left to offer and its vacuity is being exposed every day. UNFORUNATELY, the British electorate are too conservative, politically, to look beyond the LibDems as an alternative.

Anonymous said...

By 'alternative', I meant alternative opposition party, of course. Even the British are not so careless as to actually elect the LibDems to power ...

fidel cuntstruck said...

Don't be so sure, remember what happened in the last two general elections and look where we are now. Remember "Things can only get better"? - it could happen all over again.

Pete Mandleson said...

Of course the Brits must vote Tory, as they are the only sure fire way of ridding our country of the one eyed stench ridden, mucus infected ball-bag we know and hate who goes by the name of Gordon 'Fucking' Brown. It's illegal to kill him, so the only thing we can do short of a full blown revolt is to vote Cameron into power. I don't like Cameron, but will gladly use him as a weapon to rid our streets of Brown and his useless bunch of fucking bastards.