Sunday, 19 July 2009

Plus ça change ...

From the comments here:

I lived in Dubai for a year (2007), enough time to have observed at first hand virtually everything in the article when things were still going full throttle. It is little different in all of the GCC states really, but Dubai being Dubai always has to be the biggest and best, so you see the most excess there. It is nice to see something this accurate and honest in print. It is actually an offence to print anything that isn't a ra-ra-ra Dubai cheerleader piece in the UAE itself, and any dissenting comments in online blogs and newspaper comment sections never pass the strict controls in place. So, Dubai is wonderful, Dubai is fantastic, the downturn is really minimal, get the picture. Emiratis are completely feckless and arrogant, but are actually beaten by the Kuwaitis and Saudis, who are so lazy and useless they make a 3-toed sloth look like the Tasmanian Devil.

Yep, nothing's changed.

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Anonymous said...

Read Liddles piece in the Sunday Times "You can tell a lot about a country from its police. Strutting, arrogant, ludicrous. Third world fascists". He was on about Dubai but I thought he meant Ingerlund. He then goes into the tired old "Dirty, lazy Arab" routine. All of them? As for UAE a good rule to apply abroad is follow the local laws. I'm not in Saudi as I prefer piss ups.