Sunday, 19 July 2009

You have to wonder, don't you?

Seriously. I mean, here we have a bloke who, by all accounts, is a fucking madman and criminal: he's happy to advocate the murder of his political rivals, happy to advocate the murder of white people, happy to encourage having a shower as a cure for AIDS, a rampant communist, an alleged rapist, an alleged racketeer ... the list of his misdeeds and peculiar ideas is immense.

But ... !

The appointment has been closely watched. With the country in recession, the president has come under pressure from unions to loosen monetary policy, and focus more on job creation.

But, for now, Mr Zuma seems to be resisting such calls.

"She's not new... let nobody wonder what's going to happen. She was there when the policy was made, so there's nothing really new," he said.

... it seems he has more economic nous than the saviour of the world, Gorgon Brownshirt and his badger-browed puppet, Alasthefuckwit Dork-king.

Jesus. When a fucking mentalist lunatic communist dictator from the third world shows more common sense than the Prime Minister of the UK, you know you are fucked.


Mitch said...

Brown and co seem to be the only people in the world who think massive borrowing is the answer to massive borrowing.Homoeopathic economics from a homopsycopathic PM.

Anonymous said...

You aint seen nothin' yet Obo...

Robert Mugabe to Drive for McClaren, Run for President in 2012