Sunday, 26 July 2009

See, this is more the technique I'd expect

Over at Labourshit, Dan McCurry starts off a ludicrous post with:

I’m never short of admiration for David Cameron as a campaigner. He has no policies, but he is a brilliant man for the way he has pulled his party around and made them so electable.

Starts off with an apparent compliment, then slips the knife in while deftly ignoring the Tony Blair-shaped elephant in the room.

He then launches into a bunch of speculative innuendo and spooky whispers implying that Cameron may be up to something dodgy. Well, of course he's up to something dodgy, he's a fucking authoritarian politician: he's at the very least out to steal your liberty and your money with menaces. Just like New Labour do.

He then waffles on until he comes up with this hilariously ironic ending, which he delivers with a po-faced complete lack of self awareness:

Maybe some policy and ideology will suddenly appear before him once he’s in office, but I don’t think so. Policy is created before entering government, while you’ve got time to think. Once in, the daily grind of crisis after crisis makes it extremely difficult to form new ideas.

I think it’s just a game. I think that David Cameron has never been interested in what to achieve in office. It’s all nothing more than a great big tribal game, and winning is the only goal. There is no integrity and only one rule: never get caught. The problem is, of course, that everyone gets caught in the long run, and it may well be his downfall.

Absolutely breathtaking hypocrisy, isn't it?


wonderfulforhisage said...

Just because it's hypocritical doesn't make any less true.

Events dear boy, events said...

Just wait until we get nearer the election. There will be much more of this. It will be the dirtiest election campaign ever.

Lord Mandelbottom of Marrakech said...

Mr Obo, McCurry is known within the Labour party as being useless, dim-witted fuck. Why else do you think that we only every allow him to go door knocking?

He is never allowed to give an opinion on ANYTHING. I will speak to little Alex to put a stop to his damaging rumblings.

Much Love (to all, except McCunty)


Chalcedon said...

The latest wheeze is to have a referendum on gen election day regarding reforming the election system. Cameroon is a first past the post man so they will portray him as a conservative (how odd!) re changing the system. However, if they can give we morons a referendum to create a political point scoring thingy against Cameroon, they can give us a referendum on that fucking bastard Lisbon treaty/EU constitution. Do they think we are that stupid? Looks like they do. And the bastards are going to tax us on patios, conservatories, garages and car parking space on our drives. Do these twats really want political oblivion that much?

Mitch said...

Those of the left can believe 27 contradictory views before breakfast onto which they sprinkle powdered hypocrisy.

Lord Mandelbottom of Marrakech said...

Chalcedon said...
"The latest wheeze is to have a referendum on gen election day regarding reforming the election system."

You have to admit that I am good though, don't you?

More on my progress over at my humble little blog.

Anonymous said...

Once a delusional ideologue, always a cunt.


Anonymous said...

p.s. Hypocrisy shouldn't be maligned in this way... embrace it, people.


wv: plitica

Anonymous said...

Coming up....

Farewell zanulab, hello ZANUCON