Friday, 10 July 2009

Where's the fun in that?

Tesco sushi contains no raw fish! Bastards!


Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Virtually all the major supermarket's sushi doesn't. All these trendy fine young things think they're the dog's bollocks eating good healthy sushi and they might as well save their money and buy a microwave Uncle Sam's rice, cooked prawn, omelette and a smoked salmon.

Now proper sushi is when the fecking thing is still twitching on your plate and tastes of "eau de pussy" or has the waiter racing up to your table as you are about to eat some strange animal and shouting:

"Meester meester, you mass cook thees, no no eat raw"

microdave said...

Can you believe anything supermarkets say?

I was waiting in the checkout queue the other day and glancing at other shoppers purchases. A 2 litre bottle of pop proudly claimed "Contains Real Lemons"
WTF is it supposed to contain? Ground up plastic ones?

JuliaM said...

"Virtually all the major supermarket's sushi doesn't."

Nothing nicer than proper sushi. But never go to the supermarket or coffee bar cum snack bar for it! *shudder*

"WTF is it supposed to contain? Ground up plastic ones?"

Lemon flavouring and colour, of course! And a handful of E numbers into the bargain... ;)

David Gillies said...

Sushi without raw fish? That's like a meat-free steak and kidney pie.

But as Julia says, anyone who buys readymade sushi in a supermarket is a nong. My local supermarket actually has a full-time sushi chef in the fishmonger's, so you can see it contains raw fish.

Anonymous said...


Are you thinking of sashimi? They're not the same. Sashimi is raw fish. Sushi may contain sashimi, it may not.

LOL WV: hooti. No Blowfish, though.

Anonymous said...

My vegetablist cow-orker eats 'sushi' that doesn't contain any fish whatsoever.

Cold veg & rice, wrapped in a leaf. Looks like sushi though. £4.


@Geeks Bearing GIFs: I'm not a fan of fish, but since you put it like that, 'proper sushi' may fill a hole in my life... lol


Anonymous said...

And the little buggers put cheese in it! A definite no-no even if (unlike me) you are not allergic to the stuff, the Japanese have managed without cheese in sushi fo far so why change?