Tuesday, 11 August 2009

An argument in favour of privatising the police

Which makes you wonder whether, if the police carry on being this pointless, we should just scrap them, give the tax money back to individuals so they can use it to hire private security that actually does the job properly.

I rather think that the Police Force is one of the things that should be left to the state. But it's hard to argue with reality.


Shibby said...

It's a strange idea.

If they were privatised maybe they wouldn't be used and trained as a political tool...but then, there are plenty industries that suck up to the establishment (cough...the media).

Personally I'd like to see the police force become more democratic, though I'm not sure entirely how that would manifest.

Optimistic Cynic said...

The real problem is not so much the police but the welfare/victim culture.

When people had to work for a living, a policeman could take a boy home and "I'll leave him with you now, shall I, Sir?". Working class or middle class neighbourhood, he'd know that the boy would get a smack/telling off from his father.

And the reason for this was that parents had to make sure their kids worked. Having a criminal record doesn't help you to get work.

Today? You can live off the state. If you honestly think it's a better path, then you might choose to embed yourself deeply in it. That means that when a copper comes to the door with your son, you start claiming he was victimised, seeking compensation at every turn.

We also need a lot more prisons. There's simply no excuse. Apart from the argument about whether we should sentence people earlier (we should), if a judge determines that someone needs to be imprisoned, there should be a prison place available. End. Of. Story.

JuliaM said...

"..but then, there are plenty industries that suck up to the establishment.."

Not to mention big supermarkets, brewerys, etc

"Personally I'd like to see the police force become more democratic, though I'm not sure entirely how that would manifest."

Elected Chiefs?

Anonymous said...

"... privatising the police".

Elected sheriffs !!

(Hat Tip: The Plan - Hannan & Carswell)

Anonymous said...

The 'Police' are not born into the organisation, they come from the 'Public'. Any privatised security without 'diversity training' would be rejected by 'minorities' and full-scale disorder would ensue. Can't see the government wanting that...nice images for the world to see.

There are enough local platforms for people to hold their local police to account, but the public (majority) are not interested. We prefer to moan instead of act.

The Army rely on the Territorials and the Police rely on the Special Constabulary. If enough local people joined, you could have plenty of 'security' without having to pay for it privately. Get a few blokes on every street joined up and there should be a major improvement.

The policing function goes beyond a few security patrols. Will these private security also interview suspects, carry out searches of people's homes?? Would you like a private security firm to come bouncing through your house? Who do you complain to?

The collapse of social morals is not the fault of the police. Police put people before the courts who have broken the law. We voted in marxist multi-culturalists and are reaping what we have sown.

Tell the police to forget their feminist and multi-cultural policies and they would get a whirlwind of hate from those groups. Far easier to let down the apathetic british public than those who would stir up riots and demonstrate.

Go to a town centre and watch the pissed up, cocaine powered c**** who are happy to dish it out but then bleat police brutality when some cop at the end of his tether smacks one back.

The underclass in this country do not give a flying f*** about the police. Do you think they would have a new found respect for private security?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Politicians aren't born into the HoP either, it doesn't stop them from being mendacious, venal cunts, though.

The problem with the police is that even excluding the fuck-up that is the rest of the "justice" system, they no longer care about protecting the public from crime. Whether this bothers the rank and file is of little import, because they slavishly adhere to the targets set out by their politicised superiors.

I don't particularly like the idea of commercial police, but frankly, I can't see how they'd be any worse.

Anonymous said...

So the 'public' would go into 'the police' or into 'private security police'. Same gene pool of c****.
There are some decent bouncers, but some carry weapons and are linked with the drugs trade. They would make good 'private police'.

I must be one of the remaining few who still think there are decent people left with morals. Unfortunately, most organisations are going to be run by c****. The competitive streak is not within me. I would make a terrible salesman.

Without a doubt the damage done to the police in the last 10 years is considerable. I read that if there was another 'miners strike' type operation, they would be unable to manage. Too many flexi working mums and positive discrimination types. Revenge by New Labour for what the police did during the miners strike??

Granted the hierarchy may not give a stuff, but knowing a few coppers, they do care. They do care about the public because they, their wives, husbands, fsmily and friends could all be the next victims.

Private security may be the answer, i don't think so. The legal system would cripple the firms with all the settlements for breach of human rights and all that bollocks. Contracts for government work have gone out to private firms for things such as IT. They have hardly been a success, so much for the private sector!!

Would the private security not get politicised? Feminits have won a mandatory arrest policy for DV. Is that to continue with private security? Is 'hate crime' not to be dealt with by them? The personal is the political and all that bull.

If law and order is that bad, why are the public not out on the streets demonstrating?

If the prisons are full and criminals are still getting let off custodial sentences, that makes me think the police are doing a good job. That they do that and still have to put up with the PC bull makes it even more impressive.

Not being a c***, just disagreeing.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Aren't they private already?

Oh, sorry, that's just the ACPO so we can't ask them what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

"Would the private security not get politicised?"

If I hire you to protect my family and my property and you don't provide that service, then I hire someone else. Unlike the police, where money is stolen from me to pay for whoever the government chooses to enforce whatever policies the government chooses.

"If law and order is that bad, why are the public not out on the streets demonstrating?"

Because they would be beaten up, arrested and jailed, while burglary and assault would get you a slap on the wrist if you caught the judge on a bad day.

"If the prisons are full and criminals are still getting let off custodial sentences, that makes me think the police are doing a good job."

I believe you'll find that the majority of prisoners in Britain are in there for victimless crimes while most of the people the public want locked up are tossed back out on the streets with trivial fines or ASBOs.

But, hey, continue to believe your illusions if they make you happy.