Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Winston Churchill would have been proud to come up with this!

Yes, who can best the deft, rapier-like wit of an MP, like this little gem on Twatter from Kerry McCarthy, MP for Mogadishu East and government whip:

RT @BevaniteEllie: @SimonMagus I note with interest that @kerrymp @gedrobinson and myself have realised you and your like are a****oles.

Gosh, I bet Winston's glad he's dead so he doesn't have to compete with that!


Bristol Dave said...

God that Bevanite is responsible for the most sycophantic posts I've ever seen.

When she doesn't post is presumably when she's frigging herself stupid imagining a threesome with her, Gordon Brown, and Karl Marx.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Brizzles: it's even worse than that: she's actually imagining a three-way with Jack Dromey and Harriet Harman!


JuliaM said...

At least she used the UK 'arse' and not the US 'ass'...!

Constantly Furious said...

I really cannot follow that silly bitch Bevanite, with her endless retweets of retweets and comments appended to re-retweets of other tweets. You can't fucking tell who said what.

And anyway, as I've said several times before, she's not fucking real. There's no such person.

It's just a Twitter glove puppet, run by a committee of Drapers and bitter socialist spinsters.

Various people are 'in the know' and help and support it. Why else would the 'House of Twits' slavishly reproduce her drivel from day 1? Why does she have breaking news ahead of @politicshome and @paulwaugh? Why was she banned from twitter then suddenly reinstated? Why does @johnprescott (another fucking glove puppet) keep tweeting her?

You mark my words...

Constantly Furious said...

.. in fact [he continued, obsessively] I might blog on this. Lets expose her for who she is (Tom Miller, according to Obo')

On the other hand, that would be of interest to about 100 people in the entire world, so perhaps not..

cornyborny said...

Aw, go on. I'm one of those 100 and it'd be revealing.

I'm not sure whether to be relieved or discomfited at the news (to me) that 'Bevanite' isn't real. I encountered 'her' Bizarro World spoutings on Kerry McCarthy's blog and wondered how someone with such a neanderthal mindset could operate a computer. So it's just another manifestation of lefty dissembling? Figures.

Like the blog, btw.