Friday, 21 August 2009

Farewell to Tripoli

Call me cynical, but in amongst all the frothing about the release of the alleged Lockerbie bomber, something seriously weird is going on. I personally have grave doubts about the legitimacy of his conviction, as does the Devil. But all the froth on Twitter and all the abuse levelled at the Scots for this egregious and unsavoury intervention of the executive into the business of justice has a lot more going on than is apparent to us at the moment.

Firstly, Lord Mandelsnake of Bumfondling and Cock in the cunty of where you live had one of his famous, Geffen-esque lunches with Gaddafi Jnr not all that long ago. I'm guessing that he will be acquiring a nice little villa somewhere warmer in the not too distant future.

Secondly, why would the SNP suddenly and unilaterally decide that this man should be released when there is no political gain for them for it? They have made themselves the target of considerable anger and dismay, not least from their own voters. Alec Salmond may be a cunt, but he's not a fucking cunt - he's a much cannier politician than that.

Thirdly, why has the American response been so muted? You would have thought a man as evil as the Lockerbie bomber being released would get an immediate request for extradition to "Gitmo".

Mark my words, something very suspect is going on here. And as usual, the politicians are lining themselves up for benefits and deals, and us poor fuckers are footing the bill.


Anonymous said...

Mandleson is unavaliable for comment. Into hospital with a bruised prostrate.

Anonymous said...

"prostrate with a bruised prostate"


The Economic Voice said...

The NHS should hire some planes like the one he was on. He boarded at death's door and came out dancing!

bayard said...

The real reasons behind the "bomber"'s release? WTF? where do you start? Libya dug up something that renders the conviction unsafe and this (plus Mandy's villa) is their price for keeping quiet?

Pogo said...

A "bruised prostate"??? WTF??? I can only think of one way that that could happen. Or maybe he's in for a TURP (trans-urethral resection of the prostate), which can be delightfully painful. We can only hope. :-)