Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Awww, bless

Poor old trustafarian mockney dullard:

Lily Allen has criticised Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason and Ed O’Brien of Radiohead for condoning the sharing of music on the internet.

Writing on her Myspace blog, the 24-year old singer argued that “music piracy” was killing the music industry, making it harder for new acts to make a name for themselves.

“I think music piracy is having a dangerous effect on British music, but some really rich and successful artists like Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Ed O’Brien from Radiohead don’t seem to think so," wrote Allen.

In a recent article in The Times, both artists had supported file sharing, along with the Featured Artist’s Coalition.

O’Brien said: “File sharing is like a sampler, like taping your mate’s music. You go, ‘I like that I’ll go and buy the album’. Or, ‘you know what I’ll go and see them live’. What’s going on is a huge paradigm shift.”

But Allen argued: "These guys from huge bands said file sharing music is fine. It probably is fine for them. They do sell out arena tours and have the biggest Ferrari collections in the world.”

“For new talent though, file sharing is a disaster as it’s making it harder and harder for new acts to emerge.”

Fucking bollocks, you nasty little faux muso. the reason you can't make it is because you are a novelty act, and the novelty is wearing off fast. All the musicians I know would rather someone listened to them first and paid for it second. No fucking up and coming act is going to stand on ceremony, they want as many people as possible to listen to their music so that they can start charging for it.

You're just another music industry sock puppet, with some corporate cunt sticking his fist up your cunt hard enough that he can work your jaw muscles from the inside.*

*There are valid arguments against file sharing but this isn't one of them. And I don't endorse copyright theft in any way, shape or form.


Renegade Eye said...

Lily Allen isn't playing coffeehouses.

Good point.

Bristol Dave said...

I downloaded the multitrack masters of "Smile" (it's around on teh interwebz if you look hard enough) and I can't believe that song took much more than an afternoon to produce, so I guess she's not as worthy as she makes out.

Stupid Mockney cunt.

SumoKing said...

I remain unconvinced that 'Lily Allen' is not just Keith Allens in a wig in his latest deeply depressing wheeze

Anonymous said...

Lily 'Second most annoying whiny cunt voice in the world' Allen is fucking terrible. Put decent effort into making content people will want to listen to, and they will pay for it if it's reasonably priced.

Stockwell Stu said...

is all I have to say

ChrisM said...

I have a problem with the term copyright THEFT, at least in the way the music and related industries use it. When they talk about copyright theft, they actually mean copyright violation. Its just theft sounds so much worse.
That is not to say I agree with copyright violation, but I just just don't see that it can be called theft.

Anonymous said...

Remember that it takes a lot of money & public schooling to sound that mockney.