Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Obo Elsewhere

Lowering the tone of debate over at The Lovely Trixy.

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Tiresias said...

As far back as 15 years ago, some c*nt from the European Movement admitted to me his fear that the EU would one day implode under the gravity of its own overweening ambition and so it will, although maybe not next week.

Surely he crux is that the the other EU States are relaxed about enforcement and ignore the Directives they don't like. Anyone remember what happened to the Stability Pact? This c*ntry, bent on job-creation schemes, employs jobsworths to enforce them. Cohorts of jobsworths. Legions of jobsworths. ARMIES of jobsworths. Last time I looked we had 50,000 Health & Safety gauleiters approx. Italy had 38. Not 38,000. Thirty eight.