Friday, 25 September 2009

Bilabial talks

I see that the firm young cuntlip is finally holding "bilateral talks" with the saggy, clap-ridden old cuntlip. Really? Well, that's fucking nice.

But apart from the obvious "damage has already been done" perspective, what the fuck is this cuntweaselling about "bilateral talks"? The two of them are going to sit in a pair of chairs, have a cup of coffee, the manic mincing madman is going to simper like a schoolgirl talking to a boy band cuntstain, Obamalamadingdong is going to smile, some photos will be taken and Gordoom will make up some fantasy conversation and Obama will head straight for the shower to get the stink of "Loser" off him.

They won't discuss fucking shit. But even if they did, there's two of the fuckers in a room having a chat. When your manager calls you into his office, do you have "bilateral talks"? No, I don't fucking think you do.

Why do they have to waffle out this pompous cock-sniffing terminology every time the Prime Mentalist gets within bogey-munching distance of anyone who is more popular and successful than he is ... i.e., 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of the world's population?

Obama's deigned to offer him a cup of coffee and five minutes of his time. "Bilateral talks", my festering, rancid arse!

Update: The Snot-Gobblin' King has proclaimed: "I think you guys should start to understand how international meetings work."

Arrogant fuckstick.


Mark Wadsworth said...


That would be funny, but if Brown & Obama are in a room together, wouldn't that be "Quadrilabial"?

WV: minses (one letter off! - should that be "minges" or "minces"?)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

You're flattering them unduly.

John Bull said...

The amount of time ¨the saviour of the world¨ will be given by the ¨second coming¨ will be just enough time for ¨hows the sugar or two¨.
Then to the cameras about how their going to save the world.....again.

JuliaM said...

And another nail in the coffin of Obambi's 'credibility'.

Like a sulky two year old, he's dragged into a room to play with the unpopular, stinky kid in the school by his mother, and left there, pouting, to reconsider his earlier cries of 'No! I won't! He smells and I hate him!'.

Mitch said...

Trapped in a room with the monocular mental patient, Its hard being the prez.
I'm sure the secret service can find a reason to protect their boss and get him out.

Joe Public said...

I thought it rather generous that the world-renowned statesman should grant the leader of an ex-colony a few minutes of his time.

Bill d'Sarse said...

I think I had bilateral talks with my Boss as we passed on the stairs this morning. Of course, he just said, "Good morning." but I knew what he meant. I am performing to the highest standard the company has ever seen and promotion before the end of the year is an absoulte certainty.

What else could he have meant if it wasn't what I have been telling everybody all day?

Barking Spider said...

A hastily cobbled together face-saver for McFuckwit - it doesn't matter what he does - in everyone else's eyes he's just a lying tosser!

john miller said...

I see Brown says they discussed a number of Big Issues; presumably the ones Mandy has had printed for Brown when Mandy finally kicks him out of Number 10.