Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A commentor writes

From the ever-wonderous Sperm Lewis:

We've got hoards of kids in Wales, cos since the mines went tits up, Wales has been one gigantic subsidised breeding programme, see? Some of the little fuckers are so inbred they look like they've crawled out of Chair-nobble. One eye in the middle of the forehead; two irises per cornea; God aye, we've seen it all. Idris Price, the Torso from Maesteg, look you. He's nothing but a torso with a proboscis for sucking up his beer and hosing it back into people's faces, and in these parts he counts as a sophisticate.

That's the Labour way, see? For rotten boroughs, read subsidised breeding programmes masquerading as devolved Principalities. Only now, we're on to their little game. Anyone who thinks we're cannon fodder has forgotten that time they parachuted some boot-faced Blairite cow from London into Blaenau Gwent. Come the day, every last wheelchair-bound monstrosity is being trucked down the hill to vote Plaid. And since Angharad Ap Morlock has got postal votes in her capacity as my auntie and my sister and my niece, those NuLab fuckers ain't gonna know what hit 'em.

Gonna be fucking brilliant, it is.

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