Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Creating a Marr-tyr

Well, here's a thing. Seems like everyone in the Labour Party is weighing in against the gangly-armed ginger fuckwit, and that for a ludicrously soft-ball question. A question that all these sanctimonious Labour cunt weasels were quite happy to see used against Call Me Dave. Indeed, that über-hypocrite and smoker of Labour's pole, Kevin Maguire was quite vociferous in banging on about Dave's recreational habits a decade ago.

That is nothing compared with the acting Prime Minister's possible dependency on horse pills that are so dangerous that they're only wheeled for the seriously unwell. I mean, seriously, this guy has access to one of those nasty big red buttons.

So suddenly the ultra-Labourite Marr is a martyr, being sacrificed on the altar of contumely. But the cynic in me wonders if this isn't all some carefully stage-managed shenanigans to deflect attention away from Gordon actually being on pills and onto someone daring to ask the question. The heat generated by this rather innocuous question makes me wonder though.

I do genuinely think Gordon is insane, living in a parallel universe. But to be honest, I think the same can be said of ANY politician in the Wastemonster bubble. And they do live in a fucking parallel universe, one where no action ever has any negative consequence. They are immune from the constraints they place upon on us. So they're all perfectly right to be insane by our standards. And Gordon does have some interesting character attributes that make me think he may not be bolted together as tightly as everyone else. But I didn't think Gordon really was insane, in the wibble-finger, rolling-eye, baying at the moon, horse pills sense.

Now, however ... I'm not so sure any more.

Update: Oh dear, this is going to upset my fellow blazer wearers at the Cuntry Club: Anna Raccoon agrees.

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