Thursday, 24 September 2009


I was reading this, and a particular sentence caught my eye:

Brown is too focused on strutting the world stage rather than having a feel, as a leader should, for how this plays out on Main Street.

Isn't that exactly what Bliar was like? Isn't that exactly why people were happy to see him gone?

I can see why the bogey-munching monocular mentalist would rather hang out with foreign heads of state, though. They're all equally useless, so they think he's a hero. Why would you want to hang out with a bunch of yokels who think that you are the second biggest cunt in the world, when you could hang out with "powerful and important" people who think you're the dog's bollocks?

As a libertarian, my idea of interacting with foreigners is limited to going on holiday or doing business. Multinational group mutual masturbation sessions are for social democrats, tyrants and other fucksticks. As soon as your country's leader is more focused on glory on the world stage than your pain at home, you know it's time for him or her (or "it", in our case) to go.

I know the Gorgon doesn't read this, but equally I know that people in Wastemonster and Whitehall do. So here's the thing: the boss has lost the plot, just like Bliar before him. The longer he stays in, the worse it's going to be. He's blown all that "at least I'm not Bliar" goodwill by, well, becoming Bliar-lite (or Bliar-fat, depending on how you look at it.) The manic mincing madman has already laughed off the idea that he might take Clarke's advice, so he's not going to go quietly or with any dignity, as I have written before.

And people, even the rank and file sheeple upon whom our politicians depend to keep them in power, do not care for this undignified spectacle. Unelected, unloved and unwanted, the Gorgon is going to lead the Labour Party in an abyss from which I doubt they will ever recover. The 26% of the population who currently depend on Labour largesse for their livelihoods will transfer their allegiance to other parties that offer the same largesse without the visibly appalling leadership.

So it's not all bad.


Prodicus said...

"It." Nice one.

wv: hatiest

Dear Prime Minister said...

It's always the way, other countries problems are so much simpler to solve than all the complicated stuff at home.

Far easier to go and pontificate at others. The draw back being that they can see the shit we are in so are not going to heed one word.