Sunday, 27 September 2009

Oh, I'm laughing now ... a bit

Schadenfreude is a terrible thing. But let's face it, the buck-toothed troughing cunt is more deserving than most:

The Bar Standards Board has received a number of complaints about the beleaguered Cabinet minister, who was fined £5,000 for employing an illegal immigrant.

The development further intensifies pressure on Lady Scotland to step down amid growing concern within Labour that the affair will dominate this week's party conference.

Oh ho! Just imagine if the Attorney-General was sacked from the bar. Oh, I don't think I'd stop laughing for a week!

Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, has been accused of showing weakness by failing to sack Lady Scotland, who said in interviews last week that her breach of immigration law could be compared with failing to pay London's congestion charge.

Gordoom? Accused of weakness? Let's face it, folks, compared to the Gorgon, even the Italian army looks good, never mind the French!

The most senior law officer in England and Wales avoided the sack despite becoming the first individual in the country to be sanctioned for breaching immigration rules that she helped frame as a Home Office minister. All other prosecutions have covered companies.

The irony of this is matched only by the brass neck of the Barrenness in question.

The Bar Standards Board does not normally investigate complaints about a lawyer's private life, but its own guidelines acknowledge that such an inquiry may be launched in "exceptional circumstances".

A spokeswoman for the board declined to comment about Lady Scotland's case and refused to disclose how many complaints had been received.

Senior legal sources have told this newspaper that the Bar Standards Board would have no alternative but to carry out an inquiry into whether the QC breached the barristers' code of conduct and brought the legal profession into disrepute.

The board was created just three years ago as part of the Bar's attempt to retain its self-regulating role, and failing to act could leave the organisation open to criticism, said lawyers.

"I have no doubt that the Bar Standards Board will deal with this properly and take appropriate action," said one QC.

Members of the disciplinary panel may now have to consider whether Lady Scotland's activities have been "dishonest or otherwise discreditable to a barrister".

The board has the power to disbar a lawyer who is found to have committed a serious breach of the code. Even if a lesser punishment is imposed – such as a fine, suspension or reprimand – it could be fatal to Lady Scotland's political career.

Well, the only thing that gives me pause is that by rights, the smug, overweening and egregiously entitled fucking authoritarian jumped-up hectoring whore should already have fucked off. But the fact that she doesn't think that breaking the law is any kind of hassle for an A-G, and the fact that Labour Party feels the same way, and the fact that Her Majesty's Loyal but Supine and Useless opposition have just let this one slide the same way they let every other fucking thing slide means that I reckon the Barrenness will just tough this fucker out. Let's face it, folks, politics has become a staring contest, and with a man who was sacked from politics twice by Labour (no fucking mean achievement considering what you have to do to get sacked by these troughing thieves) now effectively running the country, I don't think there's much chance of this jumped-up little trougher walking the plank.

She's survived major troughing allegations and being the first private person to be prosecuted under her own law. I can't see the Bar doing anything that will shift her.


subrosa said...

Of course the Bar will do nothing. They're all in the same Club.

Mitch said...

"dishonest or otherwise discreditable "

surely a requirement for a job in the legal game.

They really are takin the piss.

woman on a raft said...

There is one credible political argument which says that a bleeding-to-death Attorney General is a much bigger liability to Labour than putting her out of her misery and installing a new one, hence the Conservatives going relatively easy.

They benefit. Every day she's looking a prawn on the front pages is better for Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Relax. Max Clifford will sort it.

Chris: said...

This witless twat must abide by the law that she helped draft!

Tiresias said...

In terms of recklessly ignoring laws for which she was responsible, I can't see any material distinction from the case of Beverley Hughes, who lost control of bogus visa applications from Romania, pleaded ignorance of their being backed by forged documents, tried to blame her civil servants and then got caught BTR when it was revealed that Bob 'Ainsworth' Jobsworth had notified her of the scam a year earlier. She deservedly got given the arse, the silly cow.

As for the black-is-white merchants closing ranks, who would have expected anything else?

Joe Public said...

The Telegraph's article states:-

"The board has the power to disbar a lawyer who is found to have committed a serious breach of the code. Even if a lesser punishment is imposed – such as a fine, suspension or reprimand – it could be fatal to Lady Scotland's political career."

It wouldn't do much for her career in the legal profession either.