Monday, 12 October 2009


Yes, folks, the son of the manse, the child of the minister, the man with the rectally-fitted moral compass has been found wanting.

Not just found wanting, but found wanting by the thieves, rogues, knaves, varlets and troughers of Parliament, a scurvy bunch if ever there was one.

And still, there are no pitchforks, no raging mobs, no complaints, even. Just a mute acceptance of our impotence as a nation.

It is shameful. Shame on them, yes, but look at what we're doing about it.

Shame on us, too.


Obsidian said...

Now, now, it was mostly for cleaning.

If I was a one-eyed imbecile with all the fiscal ability of a serial bankrupt, the persona of Rain Man and all the human warmth of an ice age, and the taxpyers forced largess backing me up, I'd probably get overcharged too.

Luckily I'm just a fat cunt.

Brew Wales said...

Most of that cleaning was after the bukake session with the cabinet in order to get his wife pregnant so Gordon could prove he is not gay, as hinted by Lords Levy and Mandelson

Dear Prime Minister said...

He can't even do fraud properly. Only £12,415.10p? He wouldn't last long in Sicily.

The rest of Parliament must be thinking what a dullard he is for not salting more away.

Warsteiner said...

A shameful day, an apology from Smith and everthing is alright ? Fuck off - they are taking the piss out of each and every one of us.

And our PM is a thief as well? what a marvellous country we live in.

Fuck 'em all.

Mitch said...

The biggest question now is why the fuck should the rest of us abide by the law if the swamp donkeys who wrote them wilfully break them with no consequences.

Anonymous said...

Write to your MP & seek their assistance: allege that HMRC are discriminating against you because they tax all your income above the Personal Allowance, yet allow some groups of individuals to receive tax-free 'expenses' that are not supported by receipts.

Remember: the Green Book states expenses HAVE to have been incurred.

Sperm Lewis said...

That twat, Burnham got a bung from the management company of Dolphin Square to sling his hook and claimed it as a tax-free 'expense'.

He gave the old retainers from the fees office the babe-in-the-woods routine and they said he could have it.

A mate of mine does the filing at HMR-fucking-C Llandaff and he says that if the fees office say it's OK the boys upstairs tap their noses, tip a cheeky wink and don't ask any questions. And not a shred of reclaimed expenses appears on MPs' tax returns; not a cocktail sausage.

A windfall = an expense. I mean even a trilobite with Downs syndrome ought to be able to deconstruct that.