Saturday, 24 October 2009

Another poll that's not going well

OK, so it is going well, it's not just going the way they expected!


Oldrightie said...

Aiden said...

I just voted against the loaded question ( "Do you want everyone on the planet to die, yes or no") and amazingly the confirmation email for my vote didn't arrive. Surprise! My fault because I answered incorrectly I guess.

This is a just another disgusting little statist attempt to create fake consensus funded by tax.

Why on earth should the Science Museum employees feel them selfs qualified to organize such a "poll" with my money. Their area of expertise is moth spraying mammoths and janitorial duties, not climate change.

Dr Evadne said...

A load of smug, money wasting, pompous, self saitsfying garbage. Shame on the Science museum. Have just posted my opinion to them and await my reply from Edmundo Millebando.

Joe Public said...

Just love the

"Not quite sure?
Don't want to be counted out just yet?"

opportunity to reconsider.

If there'd been a check box like that against the Labour Fucktard candidates at the last General Election, we may not be in the depth of shit we're in now.

Pete said...

If 85% of people are sensible, as seen on the poll, how come 25-30% are so stupid that they back Nuliebour in opinion polls?

(I'm considering telling Yougov that I support Brown over the next few months, hopefully giving out a few heart attacks when the election results are in - I wonder how many are doing this...)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Obo. I laughed at that so much. I had to work today because some twat in a supplier let me down and I had to make some stuff I had contracted out. After the awfull saturday I have had I was really pissed off. I'm so grateful you made me happy.

Lancastrian Oik said...

Fucking brilliant- good spot. Any more of the Righteous having polls that can be hijacked?

Right now I'm having a fucking ball on t'Book Of Faces winding up some Lefty cunts who think the other one-eyed madman got a fair shake on QT, and simultaneously pointing out that Fascism/Nazism is a Left-wing phenomenon; I've just posted a link to this:

Use it to wind up any and every cunt who reckons the BNP are a party of the Right.

(BTW, trying to post this and I got two of those made-up-word things: "MINGST" and "SORECO"- how fucking cool is that? And so near to describing my current physical condition it's fucking uncanny).

Dark Lochnagar said...

It's a fucking stitch up!

Pogo said...

Just you wait... there's going to be a huge rush of "count me in" votes, just before the poll closes. :-)

Jeff Wood said...

Pogo, I think you are right. This morning, Monday, it is just over 4,000 in, nearly 5,000 out.

Late Friday night, when I took part, it was running nearly 7 to 1 against.

Still a humiliation for them though.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Interestingly, this was reported in the Telegraph as a poll which had been "hijacked".

A bit like the Irish Lisbon referendum, I suppose: if your answer is wrong, you are mad; if everyone's answer is wrong, the poll has been hijacked; if the poll actually has any consequences, then you must keep on voting until you give the right answer.

And there was me thinking the word "poll" implied that they actually wanted to know what people thought. Silly me!