Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fuck the Commons

I just don't understand this fucking shit:

Tony McNulty, the former Labour minister, will be ordered to repay more than £13,000 he claimed in expenses for his parents’ home.

A parliamentary inquiry will also order the MP to make a public apology in the House of Commons.

I'm fucking sorry, mister "parliamentary enquiry", but why is one thieving troughing cunt apologising to the other fucking troughing cunts? Why the cunting fuck is this fucking thief not apologising to US? It is, after all, us he fucking stole the money from.

And how does a grudging "apology" to your fellow troughers constitute a punishment? Why is this fucker not heading for jail?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The particular precedent to which you allude, Obno, was established in Medieval Times when one Lord would do homage to another for offence and expel a stream of piss over the battlements to reach the vassals gathered below, for just such an honour.