Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Game changed, or just a hiccup?

While worshipping at the altar of St Arbucks today, I read the front page of the Graun. It was given over to a discussion of yesterday's twitter slaughtering of the nonsense of the Graun not being able to report matters of Parliament.

I will admit that I felt a deranged sense of pride for a minute, I thought: "I helped do that."

And then I wondered whether winning this battle meant that we had won the war? I'm not sure, really,I can't see the self-righteous, overweening, make-the-law-up on the spot cunts who run this country taking this lying down.

And I expect there's going to be a good few more skirmishes before it all settles down into state-sanctioned and monitored oppression again.

I fully expect some incredibly draconian legal framework to get enacted off the back of this. It's not going to be pretty.

There are more worrying thoughts here.


aljahom said...

I can't see Berty & Demi buying it for one minute.

Blogging is not important. Blogs are not important.

No. Influence. Whatsoever.



Especially not Guido's or Old Holborn's. No way. lol

Dippyness. said...

Totally agree.
I'd string up the judges who grant 'em. Or better still, dress 'em up as foxes & hunt 'em. :-)

Nick said...

I think stick it up your arse, but then again i think that for all issues

John said...

You wait - NuLabour will use the blogs breaking of the Court embargo as a demonstration of the need to regulate blogs...

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

The solution is simple.

Parliament and the Executive today are simply tools of the Enemy Class, which are to be used to repress the People.

In the 1640s we had to go to war to establish the primacy of "parliament", a sort of inefficient and vaguely repressive organisation, but which however imperfectly, (nearly) modelled the will of the People against a wannabe-all-powerful-Eurotype absolutist King.

Today the problem is Parliament. Well, who said that _the_ westminster {arliament ought to have a monolopy of power and expense-slushing over us? We can easily get another one. There are two strategies that immediately occur to me:-

(1) Get one of our own, which will be time-consuming, expensive, will require several thousand fairly intelligent people from evey Region of England to remain committed and on-side for some years, and may even involve weapons training, and will thus attract the more unwelcome sorts of attentions typically related to the modern British Police.

(2) Appeal directly to EUROPARL, with a request to immediately dissolve the UK and all its constituent nations absolutely, and for a "provisional" _GeneralAmt"_ to be set up for these regions, _IN BRUSSELS_ - this last is quite key! It MUST be there and not here. Even better if it's somewhere lovely and hot like Ibiza or the Canaries or (best of all) Rhodes or Kos. We can't be accused of secession for it is legal to be loyal to the EU as a "state" - that's what it's always craved, is it not?

The advantages, tactically, of the second course, become clearer and clearer. We will be tackkling less-serious continental bureaucrats and apparatchiks and police, not the really really cold-hearted, ideologically-driven, almost Germanic types of all these, which are the true legatees of the Prussian Civil Service and Police-divisions, accustomed as they were, and our today's bureaucrats are, to machine-gunning entire villages over one lost dissident, and then burning the surviving women and children alive in the church ruins, as many Council "Envirocrime Departments" are today.

It will then be very much easier to get English Nationalist Structures in place quickly and cheaply and under shallow cover only, for itinerant Spanish and Greek Police (here) will hate the cold weather and rain, and not want to venture out of their warm offcies, and will not actively pursure dissidents, and certainly not once we start bribing them.

The Armed Forces, if they still exist, will support us, and will freely give us any needed basic training, in case it should come to boxing-matchesin the remaining pubs, with isolated foreign police detachments. I don't think Greek Police know much about proper barfights.

We can get away, and the fun part is that all the existing MPs (ALL) from today's horrible little scumbag Westminster Parliament will be totally irrelevant. We can simply denounce all the EUTreaties, and push off.

We can then take over their building, our building, and start again.