Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Interesting who is doing this

... Conservative Peter Bottomley told MPs he was reporting Carter-Ruck, the law firm that sought the Trafigura injunction, to the Law Society, saying that no lawyers should be able to inhibit the reporting of parliament.

"I will be seeking their advice on whether it is proper for any lawyer to purport or intend to inhibit the reporting of parliament," Bottomley told the Guardian.

"It is the job of the press to make aware to all what is known by a few. Any court action which inhibits that should be approved at a very high level, with full justifications, and in normal circumstances, should not be made in secret."

OK, so far, so good.

But what about our glorious leader?

Gordon Brown described the case as "unfortunate" when he was quizzed about the matter during prime ministers questions in the Commons today.

And he said the justice secretary, Jack Straw, had spoken to the parties concerned to try to resolve the issue.

In other words, he doesn't give a flying fuck about the supremacy of parliament. No surprise I suppose.

And just to revisit the opening quote:

Brown spoke after Conservative Peter Bottomley told MPs he was reporting Carter-Ruck ...

(Emphasis is mine, all mine, I tell you!)

In other words, the monocular mentalist couldn't really give a fuck about any of this and only grudgingly eked out some lame platitudes after being asked.

As much as I fear the buttered new potato, can he really be any worse that the current Prime Mincer?


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You really could put Ken Dodd in charge and no-one would notice.

Joe Public said...

You mean have a real Tax Evader in charge?

wv: 8 x characters this time! You trying to deter commentors, or ensure we all get RSI?

Obnoxio The Clown said...


bayard said...

"can he really be any worse that the current Prime Mincer?"
Well, we'll soon find out. My vote is for "Yes" (but in new and different ways).

Anonymous said...

Well, as somebody's who's been around the Law Society complaint loop - I can tell you Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority are demented dribbling, howling Rotweilers compared to that ineffectual load of self serving chimps.

Doubt that 's what GB was thinking though, somehow.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

You know what I think? (you don't care really but I'll say it anyway...)

This Traffic-curer outfit, being what it is and has become, perhaps, just perhaps, has forgotten something or never knew it.

I have worked in such organisations, although small ones, many years ago. One of them called itself a "management Consultancy". I saw this sort of thing beginning to occur to the Principals, even then, in a very very green-shootish sort of way.

Trafigura, in its management-speak-driven, self-isolating hubristicity, and glorifying itself in the radiated light of its own Countenance, has simply either forgotten completely, or else (worse) failed fundamentally to understand, the first principles of operation as a Corporate (or individual for that matter) Person in a liberal democracy. Hahahaha I know, but we still try to pretend to be one, as Bottomley has shown.

Trafigura probably, innocently, thought that what it wanted to do was completely pukka and above-board. The buggers probably, I now decide, didn't even know, or care even shallowly to find out just to check first, if it wasn't.

And I bet Carter-Ruck actually needed the money too. they probably need it so much that they took a gamble that, in spit of it beinglow and counter-constitutional, nobody who really mattered would notice in time, and so it was a "probable goer". On that basis they decided to _not_ profer "correct legal advice", but to quietly take the dosh in the hope of a quiet pushover.

Can _you_ imagine any of the cool-dudes and dudesses pictured on the Trafigura website -ever_ daring to query their managers' "strategically-focussed tactical legal action plan" on the basis of common law or liberty? Nor can I.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

Bottomley is a Tory, yes?

I am still convinced that, although our attempt to infiltrate and redirect the Tory party towards libertarianism in the 80s failed abjectly, it is the right strategy for the long term.

Even todays' Tories, most of them, are still viscerally nearer to liberalism than most of today's Labourites. the fascist left parties are far, far too historically tainted with stalinism and control, and far far too full, still of the real Enemy Class, which is to say: metropolitan GramscoFabiaNazis.

When the old-type "hang-em, flog-em, send-em-home, and then you regulate-em" Tories have all drunk themselves to death or died off, there will then be another window of opportunity to assault the Tory Party's caucus and grass-roots-structure and activist-base head-on ideologically, and simultaneously move forcibly into its ranks a number of aggressively-committed ideological libertarians who will propel it to an electoral landslide on a wave of mass-popular-worker-peasant-sentiment.

You don't know if I'm joking or not, do you.

The anti-smpambot word, just under here, was "pootalio" - I count that a good omen and very appropriate.

Tally Ho chaps!