Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Georgie Peorgie, Pudding and Pie

... fucked public servants (not!) and told a lie. Or two.

So, Osborne has pledged a 1-year pay freeze for "public servants" earning over £18K per annum, increases for those earning less than £18K and a decent operational bonus for the troops.

I don't really have a problem with the soldiers getting more wedge, but I do have a real problem with overpaid useless civil servants not getting a more just reward, i.e., fucking fired.

He's claiming that the pay freeze is there so that he can save public sector jobs, which is, I hope, a great big fucking porkie: public sector jobs can get to fuck. When the fuckers actually create wealth, then we can pay them more and save their jobs. Until then the cunts are just an enormous drag on an already fucked economy. Fuck saving their jobs, and why the fuckers not getting a fucking pay cut, while we're about it?

He's binning baby bonds (good!) and cutting means-tested benefits to those earning over £50K (good-ish -- I can't help but feel that doing away with means-testing altogether and slashing benefits and just giving them to everyone, whether they work or not would be a bit more fucking useful.

He's also decided not to shitcan the higher tax rate for people earning more than MP's do ... well, la-de-fucking-da! Despite the fact that this might actually cost more than it raises, George has just shown that he's quite happy to play exactly the same kind of cunting gesture politics that McSnot and his band of foetid fuckwits have arse-raped us with for the last twelve years.

This is a real let-down. It's more fucking rearrangement of the deckchairs on the RMS Titanic as the iceberg of the economy holes us repeatedly below the waterline. The cold water is surging up the corridors and the handful of lifeboats are already full.

So, we really are fucked. These cunts are definitely going to be no fucking more use than the manic mincing madman.

Hope has been destroyed.


Oleuanna said...

They did get rid of a lot of public sector jobs recently up here in Scotland. Problem is it wasn't the money positions. So they can get to fuck now they have decided to freeze those wages.

The higher earners should have taken a cut a long time ago. Some of those jobs lost were needed, it has impacted in areas in the community. Which will in turn push the cost up for other services.

They are not thinking long term again...so pleased I'm not receiving this news sat in an LA office...or front line. Grim..

Anonymous said...

What of Plods hefty pay packet? If you or I did fuck all at work we would be sacked.

JuliaM said...

"George has just shown that he's quite happy to play exactly the same kind of cunting gesture politics that McSnot and his band of foetid fuckwits have arse-raped us with for the last twelve years."

Who doubted it? Anyone? Bueller?

I am Stan said...

Unjani Obo

hahahaha..sack the lot of em ..yes..

I know a couple of people who would disagree with you on that one hahahaha

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Are the conservatives announcing this to actually win votes? Can't see that happening. More like sounding the death knell to the whole party. They also lost all the votes of those on incapacity benefit earlier on.

Barsteward Labour will get in again then at the next election?!

Quiet_Man said...

They're all liars, Ken Clark told the Times that he'd repeal one law for business before bringing another one in. He seems to have conveniently forgotten all the EU crap that the government is allowed to rubber stamp before it comes law here. Or perhaps he just doesn't give a toss about lying to us all.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

You could no more doubt a promise made by Public School George than fear for a trashing of your favourite restaurant if you asked this Bullingdon Club member to go Dutch.

Dear Prime Minister said...

The three main parties are all the same. They do not have the vision nor the vitamins to change anything that really would make a difference.

Communitariansim now rules.

With every problem there seems to be only one solution, state intervention.

Why can't one of the fuckers just stand up and say 'nothing to do with us, sort it out yourself'?

Anonymous said...

A pre-ratification referendum in our time!