Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How predictable was that?

Much was made about the boy George's pause before his speech, and it turns out he was right to be nervous about what he had to say.

The fucking country is going to hell in a handbasket, George is offering some minor tweaking round the edges and everyone is leaping up and down shouting why their fucking special interest group shouldn't be feeling any pain.

Well, all I can say to everyone who is bitching about it is: "Fuck you."

Everyone was more than fucking happy enough to enjoy the profligate years of cheap credit and it seems that everyone just thought it was going to go on forever. Well, if you're that fucking stupid, I've got a fucking great bridge to sell you.

Did you really not sock any money away for a rainy day while the sun was shining? All I can say to you is: "Fuck you, you stupid cunt."

The economy is completely cunted, is it really that unreasonable to require a public sector pay freeze for the more highly-paid public sector workers? Is it really crazy to say people will have to work for another year before getting their state pension? Do people on £50K per year really need fucking complicated tax credits?

I had to laugh when Sky reported the applause for Georgie's speech as lukewarm and desultory. Fuck's sake, the real problem with Georgie's stunt is that it really didn't go far enough. And people think it's too unpleasant to bear the slightest modicum of discomfort?

Jesus, what happened to the famous "war spirit"? I was watching telly last night, some bunch of old duffers and bags talking about the bombing of Coventry. If that happened today, you'd get a bunch of union cuntwafts bitching about the disruption to their members' lives and how the fat cat bosses should be bombed some more and Age Concern wittering on about the disproportionate burden of death being carried by the fucking elderly.

This cuntry is completely fucked: we truly are led by exactly the bunch of utter grasping, selfish, uncaring, unaccountable FUCKS that we deserve.


Chris said...

Well put. "War spirit" is kind of hard when you're headed for civil war.

Oldrightie said...

Obbie, I am not your greatest nor least fan but this is truly excellent and I agree fully with all you say. One caveat, The meeja and BBC/Sky, (two cheeks of the same arse) are now so out of touch they don't realise or se that millions of sensible folk are very much aware of the shit we are in.

Constantly Furious said...

Spot on, Clown.

We might not like it when the bill is presented at the end of an almighty piss-up, but we've still got to fucking pay it.

Anonymous said...

Police to be given more powers. It is a de facto police state so WTF.

Umbongo said...

Another interesting factlet disclosed in the Coventry programme was the visit to Coventry by the then Home Secretary (Mandy's grandfather - shit runs in families as well as through the doors of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills) and his de haut en bas view from the political class that the raid would cause the lower classes generally to panic and run for the hills. They didn't (well, 300 did). Morale was stiffened by a feeling that "we won't let the buggers get away with this", the swift and efficient removal of debris and restoration of public utilities, and, not least, a visit by the King.

BTW, since this was a BBC programme, on the Kioskian principle that "we're all guilty", it ended on a reminder that RAF air-raids killed 35,000 in Dresden and 50,000 in Hamburg.

Anonymous said...

"Did you really not sock any money away for a rainy day while the sun was shining?"

Even those of us who have, are now getting fuck all return from it as interest rates plummet. In a way I'm glad I opted to take a small company pension at 50 rather than wait till 60. At least I'm getting some of it back, but for how much longer?

Meanwhile the army of feckless layabouts enjoy another can of lager whilst watching Sky Sports on their 50" Plamsa TV's.


Angry Exile said...

"War spirit"? Are you serious? Around the same time as the Dunkirk evacuation the factory making fucking Spitfires of all things was having trouble with industrial action. If you put the dumb fuckstains in a time machine they'd fit in just fine in the Laborg movement today. The war spirit is alive and well - some putting in all the effort and others feeding off their backs.

Dr Evadne said...

I will be very surprised if I get any pension be it private or state by the time I retire at the tender age of 106. As you say Obo, George didn't go far enough. However one must still remember one of the main reasons that we have no money....the bailing out of the banks. Should never have been done. But done it was to appease the likes of the Rothschilds and other banking mates of Mandlestain and Broon/Bliar.

I recall an interview with Bliar in 1997, just before or just after that dark day when he came to power. The interviewer (may have been Paxo) asked him why he had bashed the current/out going administration, when the econmy was in good shape and things were more or less tickety-boo (apart from the Tories fighting amongst themselves about the EU). Oh, said Bliar, yes things are okay but we want to make things much better...much, much better. Well really? Most of us with half a brain knew that we were in for it good and proper and I only wish I had put my savings on a bet at William Hill instead of them festering in a 0.000005% higher than ever super savers account.

Anonymous said...

Even sneering Paxo couldn't find much to criticise.

Spot on, Obo.

The public sector has done exceedingly well out of the rest of us and now it is time for them to face the reality that the rest of us have had to face for the last 12 murderous years of Labour taxation and profligacy.

Anonymous said...

Well said Sir.

Tuesday Kid said...

I don't want them bullingdon club fuckers running the country. I'd trust labour over them as the better of some bad options.

Just call me Dave. said...

In the words of George Michael; if I may be so bold, If you want me, i'm yourrrrrrrrr maaaaaan doncha know who I ammmmmmmm cos baby, I'm your mannnnnn.

Thank you. I trust I can rely on all your votes