Friday, 16 October 2009

Quite simply ...

... I cannot add anything to this:

From the BBC:
The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has announced two nationwide strikes.

It said earlier on Thursday that the 24-hour strikes will begin on 22 October. On the first day, mail centre staff and drivers will strike. The next day it will be delivery and collection staff.
Is it wrong to say that I can't wait until these fuckers bankrupt the Royal Mail and are all on the dole queue? Is it really wrong to say that? Because that is what I am thinking. And that is what I'm thinking they deserve. But I'll stop short of calling them work-shy, money hungry wankers. Again, they might deserve such a comment, but I wouldn't dignify them with that level of burning rage.


nbc said...

Yippee, I have a day off on the 23rd so I can have a lie-in without being woken by the cunting postie.

Anonymous said...

They are betting on the Post Office/Royal Mail being too big to be allowed to fail. Let's call their bluff and allow someone else to replace them.

Joe Public said...


For 27 pence you get:-

2. A letter collected from one of tens-of-thousands of collection points anywhere from Lands End to Haroldswick

2. Delivered to any address from Lowestoft to Londonderry

OK it might take a few days, but 99% of the population wouldn't walk to their local supermarket for 1/2 the price of a small loaf of bread.