Saturday, 24 October 2009

So, if bloggers start disappearing ...

... this could be why:

News that work continues with the private sector securely on board raises questions over the Home Office's consultation, Protecting the public in a changing communications environment.

The document, published in June, ostensibly sought views on whether ISPs should be forced to gather terabytes of data from their networks on the government's behalf. That collection and storage strand of the intelligence and security system's broader effort to monitor and interrogate internet communications is called the Interception Modernisation Programme (IMP). It's estimated it will cost £2bn over 10 years.

Work in Cheltenham to crunch the data is being carried out under a secret project called Mastering the Internet.

A major government IT delivery contractor's long-term, ongoing involvement in the effort is likely to be seen as an indication the Home Office's consultation could never have made any substantial difference to the plans.

Transparent government? It's all a fucking sham. They're gonna do what they're gonna do and the rest of it is just fucking window dressing.

Oh, and guess who they've outsourced to? What's you're worst fear?

The government has outsourced parts of its biggest ever mass surveillance project to the disaster-prone IT services giant formerly known as EDS


That would be it. I suppose the only upside is we know it will be a colossal failure. Expensive, but at least it will fail.



Mitch said...

£2bn through this lot of bastards equals 1 speak and spell,some wet string and 1,000,000 consultants lunches.
No chance it will ever work.

They could employ all the jobless and work-shy to stand behind everyone on a pc and keep notes on a pad. this might just work!!

RobW said...

Hopefully they'll concentrate so many servers in such a small space that the system will become self aware realise what c...s Brown, Mandelson and Balls are and dispose of them for us.

Anonymous said...

Time to start posting large chunks of random data and describing them as the assasination plans for el-gorgonzola (the big stinking cheese).

No need to stop at terabytes of data to 'decrypt'.

How long does it take to 'decrypt' random data anyway?