Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Well, the factions are all out in force. In the one corner, we have the People's Front of Judea. In the other corner, we have the Judean People's Front. And in the other other corner, we have the Popular People's Front of Judea. And in the other other other corner, we have as near as damn it, 61 million people who are being lied to; stolen from; bullied; spied on; told how to live their lives; told what to think, what to eat, drink and especially NOT - smoke.

And whereas I think the PFJ may originally have had a point, they have long since erased any sympathy from me or anybody else I speak to about it because they have been so unrelentingly obsessive about it. Frankly, even for the intermong, this has been fatuous.

The JPF have been stirring the shit, which is, frankly, what they do best. The PPFJ have tried to move on, but the remarkably un-Christian nature of the PFJ have rendered those efforts to no avail.

And still, we have 61 million people being fucked up the arse like an attractive Bulgarian lad. The very people who claim to adhere to the ideology that I believe can set us free are spending their days involved in very unedifying, puerile, trite and banal playground internecine warfare.


The PFJ are still quite literally stamping their feet, pouting and saying "but she started it..." six fucking months later. The JPF is still sniggering and making comments about the size of the PFJ's dinkies and how the PFJ all stink like doo-doo farts. The PPFJ is still saying "but I didn't do anything".

Seriously, kids, fucking ALL say your sorry: sorry to each other and especially fucking sorry to us for having to put up with this shit for six fucking months. You are all* at fault, and if you want to be considered as grownups, then start fucking behaving like grownups. And if you can't forgive and forget, shut your fucking whiny arses up, the grownups are fucking sick of your petulant witterings.

If you don't either kiss and make up or shut the fuck up, I'm going to have to fucking hunt each and every one of you fuckers down, flay you and roll you in salt.

And then fucking render you down for bio-diesel.

Remember the 61 million. Remember what is actually important.

* Well, maybe not the JPF. I like a wind-up merchant as much as the next man.

Update: Bastard fuck published first. Oh well, fuck you too.


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah. Okay. Right. Fine.

Constantly Furious said...

Yeah, it must stop.

I'm not getting any work done: winding up the retards and watching them squeal is a fucking full time job.


cuntster said...

this is a crazy post. i don't know what the fuck you are talking about

Dick Puddlecote said...

It's a long story, Cuntster, and I hope it ends soon as my arse is numb and I'm all out of pick 'n' mix.

Old Holborn said...

I'll buy you all a pint on November 5th

Feel the love....

Quiet_Man said...

Yeah it was funny at first, but now it's getting tedious. I like reading all of them, but I switch off now when the JPF start.