Wednesday, 28 October 2009

You *do* use FireFox, don't you?

Important new release here.


Bristol Dave said...

Hopefully it'll crash less under XP than the first 3.5 release I downloaded. I was sorely disappointed.

Incidentally, running under Ubuntu on my netbook is of course, solid as a rock :)

Joe Public said...

Try Opera.

It's better, quicker & more secure.

Mitch said...

Have been since it was a Cub

Bristol Dave said...

Bah, everybody seems to have their own idea about which browser is better, quicker and more secure.

I used IE for years because I found it was much quicker to load than both Firefox or Opera, and much faster to render pages than Firefox, and I found many compatibility problems with both FF and Opera.

Since then however Firefox has definitely become my browser of choice, if nothing else then for the plugins! Firefox is now IMHO quicker than IE by a long way.

* waits for someone to recommend Chrome or Safari *

Kevin Boatang said...

I use bishbashbosh, it's a new one. Very quick, really super quick.

Oh yeah, that's the one you want.

Steve Antony Williams said...

I only use it on my Ubuntu laptop, and that's only because there isn't a Linux build of Chrome. All my Windows systems now use Chrome.