Wednesday, 28 October 2009

People may wonder

... why I haven't been all over this.

Today, I just don't have the strength to rail against this ludicrosity. It's all just far too depressing.


bayard said...

"the Home Office maintained last night that the measures would “boost the fight against crime” and “free up valuable police time”
but what they really mean is given away here:
"Ministers set a target to recover £250 million in criminal assets by 2010, rising to £1 billion per year soon after."
and presumably they don't really mind who they get it from.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I was going to post another joke, but I think even I'm too depressed to bother now.

microdave said...

Presumably there's no reason why these powers couldn't be used to recover the money wrongly claimed by many M.P's.

Bet they won't, though.....

Dick Puddlecote said...

"Today, I just don't have the strength to rail against this ludicrosity"

You too? Maybe it's a Wednesday thing. :-(

Dungeekin said...

Not to worry, Obo.

I did.


Otto said...

Presumably, David Cameron and Co will do a "Lisbon" on this telling us how much they disapprove of it, but, of course, not repealing it.

Really, it is past the point where we can pretend that we live in a free country.

Dr Evadne said...

I'm sure I didn't fall asleep through the news last night, but I don't remember this little gem being announced. Also if the Beeb had included it as a 15 sec BTW, Prof. Evadne would have had a few choice words to say about it. Did I miss something?
Postman Pat is beginning to make Jackboot Smith look like Marry Poppins.

Anonymous said...

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 allwed them to bypass the democratic process like this - and they haven't even abided by the rules which apply to extension "orders".

So you'd think the Tories would be making a fuss. But no.

The Tories are amply demonstrating, via their candidate selection process, that they are not democratically inclined.

Judge politicians by their actions, not their words.