Monday, 30 November 2009

Gear up for a blood bath in Afghanistan

The fucking nutter with the stutter has opened his fat, flappy yap again:

Gordon Brown provoked surprise this afternoon by announcing that Britain's military presence in Afghanistan would soon be over 10,000, as he took the unusual step of revealing that there were around 500 special forces there.

"Surprise"? "Unusual step"? Talk about a fucking understatement.

Gordoom, you fucking mentalist, you really are entirely unfit to run the country. Why don't you just post all the details of our military operations and plans on the internet where everyone can fucking download them and study them at their leisure? It will make it a lot easier to kill soldiers, reduce demand for money from the military for pesky things like wages and weapons and ammo, less pension funding will be required, it's a win all round.

You fucking stupid moronic cunt-featured cunting IDIOT!


Oldrightie said...

"500 Special Forces, Mohammed, start looking harder to find them."
What an unbelievable, inept twat.

Quiet_Man said...

It's even worse than you think, civil servants doing work at Camp Bastion are getting campaign medals at special award ceremonies same as the troops. This is on top of the £8000 a month they get in hardship money, 5 times what the average squaddie gets.

Ed P said...

What an inept twat he is! After the "Brown Bottom" you'd think he might know better than to signal actions and reveal details.

Do we have to less rude after midnight, when the EU shit treaty comes into force? If so, I'd just like to get this in:
Brown is the most fucking useless cunt in politics. Everything he touches fails - the cretin has the "reverse Midas touch". He's damaged this country beyond repair and sold out. Fucking cunting cunt

Tuesday Kid said...

This war thing is fucking balls, let's make the government eat theirs.

Anonymous said...

Can we please get it into our thick heads once and for all: He is not "inept". This is NOT "incompetence". It is deliberate. This gov't is evil, not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Ed P: "Do we have to less rude after midnight, when the EU shit treaty comes into force?"

Warning, this is 1.5 hours long but in my opinion well worth it.

He mentions at the end the implications of the Copenhagen treaty. Worth taking note.

Delphius1 said...

I don't mind him mentioning 500 special forces, because there probably aren't that many anyway. Its like saying "we've got 500 big scary guys out to get you, but you won't find them because they're so good at concealment", hoping the Taliban will (a) run away scared or (b) the Taliban will tie themselves up in knots trying to find 500 non-existent soldiers.

What I object to is the fact he's only sending an extra 500, when ten times that many won't get the job done. Basically all he's doing is increasing the chances of our guys getting killed.

Until new tactics and strategy are in place, it'll make bugger all difference, except in the number of coffins coming home.

Mitch said...

"special" forces covers a lot of ground and even a bunch of RAF techies setting up a radar would count.Ole stinky is just bragging again.We aint talkin Rambo and friends here.

filosofee said...

What's the point of history if you refuse to learn from it!

What's the point of extra forces when the demand is for the Pakistanis to find Bin Laden? All those allied troops couldn't, how will Mr. 10% Bhutto succeed?