Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The good news just keeps streaming in!


Yesterday, we learned about a mother who was branded an abuser and followed home by police and questioned, after she threatened to smack her child for being naughty.

Now these communists want to send inspectors into our homes to ensure that we've installed smoke alarms properly.

These intrusive measures are coming thick and fast - sometimes several per day. How much damage will this unspeakably vile 'government' do before it is kicked out of office in March 2010?

I don't even want to think about the answer to that. Life in the UK is so surreal at the moment, every time you think it can't get worse, it promptly does.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Oh come off it, think of the chiiildren.

And all the jobs this will 'create' in the smoke detector manufacturing, installation and inspection industries, and the valuable directorships at those companies that our hard-working MPs so desparately need.

It's not as if the inspectors won't drop off a notice informing you that your windows need to be replaced, attic insulated, pipes lagged etc as well to meet new EU Guideline number 10,000,000.

Maybe they can make it compulsory for all houses to have an annual electric and gas safety check (costing about £125) and like landlords do?

formertory said...

The next lot hammering at your door, of course, will be the thousands of bastards employed by the State demanding entry to check on how you raise your children and whether you need Correctional Training. (Demos report published yesterday)