Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Here we go again!

I wonder what one of my favourite fucktards is laying the groundwork for now?

Sophisticated networks of older men may be grooming hundreds of British children to be trafficked within the UK for sexual exploitation, the charity Barnardo's believes.

Now look: I'm the parent of a British child and I have perfectly normal parental concerns. And I live, like most parents, with a background awareness and fear of Paedogeddon. But something in this story just doesn't add up:

At the time of a snapshot survey last month by the charity, 21 projects were working with 609 sexually exploited children, around half of whom go missing on a regular basis. Ninety of them – spread over 15 projects – appeared to have been "internally trafficked".

609 sexually exploited children and half of them go missing on a regular basis? 90 are "internally trafficked"? What the FUCK? Go missing from where? Where are their parents? If 90 of them are being trafficked, why the fuck aren't they in some form of protective custody? Why aren't all 609 in some form of protective custody? These are kids we're talking about here.

And indeed, even if they were adults: one of the two reasons this frothing lunatic anarcho-capitalist sees for the existence of any kind of state is to provide the individual protection from the predation of other individuals. And these kids are, from what I can make out, clearly having their liberty and freedom trampled all over.

What possible reason is there not to take these kids into protective custody?

Something is fucking seriously missing from this picture.

Imogen – not her real name – was 13 when the man she thought was her boyfriend started driving her around the country, taking her to hotels in Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and London for nights at a time.

Hmmm. I've just realised that something else is missing from this picture. Is this perchance a celebration of the delights of multi-culturalism? Could this not be perchance construed as a potential racial "hate crime"?

Anyway, let me guess what will come from this:

  • More taxpayer money for Barnardo's
  • More badly-formed, ripe-for-misuse legislation for the cheeeeelrdren
  • Lots of ducking and diving about who is doing this
  • No positive outcomes for the actual children involved

She [some Barnado's droid] added: "The children we work with feel a terrible sense of shame. They've been forced to do awful things by the adults who groom and control them – yet somehow society blames them. A child cannot consent to their own abuse."

Society blames them? Fuck off, you dozy cunt: I blame the motherfuckers who traffic them and I blame the government and children's charities for failing to protect them. I.e., I fucking blame you, you cunt.

Still, Martin Narey is OK, isn't he? He gets the big bucks and the chance to spout shite in the national press.

The cunt.


Steff said...

So we have a headline figure of 609, but the figure for those who appear (in the opinion of people whose employment and influence depend on this appearance) to have been "internally trafficked" (a term devised and defined by the same people) is 90.

It does honk a bit of Pentameter Two, doesn't it?

Rampart said...

My old next door neighbour was a classroom assistant in an inner city comp and spent a lot of time helping a 13 year old girl who she felt sorry for. The girl didn't have much confidence was quite scruffy and had no friends. Eventually the girl opened up and told her how she had a Kurdish boyfriend she met in the city centre but how he took her to hotels in Leeds over the weekend. When there he would get her drunk and she would wake up with no clothes on and his friends were in the room. She begged the neighbour not to tell anyone else. Of course she had to inform the school management but was amazed by their lack of response. In short she was told not to worry about it as they would handle it. The girl continued talking to her and never mentioned that the authorities had spoken to her about this. Her contract ended a few months later but in that time nothing seemed to happen about the allegation and no general warnings were given out to the other girls.

Her feeling was the multicultural side of things scared the hell out of the PC management and the complaint was sat on.

JuliaM said...

Check out the language in that article - it's full of 'believes' and 'may be's. There's no actual evidence for this. It's rent-seeking, pure and simple.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aha. It was the Barnado's drumming up a bit of business angle that caught my eye.

But on the multi-culti point, there is an "Asian" (Indian? Sikh? Pakistani? I can't remember) woman who campaigns on this front, and she says the last thing these girls want is a special department of social workers and police-community liaison officers, what she wants is the same protection under the law as any white girl threatened with abduction etc, i.e. that the girl can go to the police and be confident that the perp's will be nicked.

Which ain't gonna happen, is it?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Actually, Mark, the story goes that "Asian" men are abusing young "white" children. Allegedly.

But nobody is allowed to say so, lest it be called "racist".

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Could it be a bit of after-the-event boosting for the Independent Safeguarding Authority? You know, the one that wants all your gossip and hearsay put onto some huge f***-off database where any council skivvy can access it and leave the resulting pen-drive on a train.

Dippyness. said...

A subject very close to my heart. At Collage my friend & I needed escorts to go into the Canteen. Why? We were young, blond & would be pestered by the Asian guys. They never took NO for an answer. They wanted us to "Model" for them & offered lots of money. We didn't fall for it. But we STILL had to have at least one "white" chap with us.
Worst part? This happened over 20 years ago.
Didn't make me racist, but I am a realist.
Go figure!

Joe Public said...

"Sophisticated networks of older men .........."

Now that's a sexist statement considering the latest revelations of activities at a Plymouth nursery school.


Shug Niggurath said...

OK, I'll agree a wee bit with the 'Asian men' angle, it happens, we know it happens and there's no dispute.

But immediately I got something else from this - they are talking about kids who are in state care being abused in this way. And we know that has always happened too.

I've heard a fairly grim tale about Glasgow Green where at night you can pick up children as young as 12 and pay them in sweets. This is organised by the older children from the same care homes and the social work department are there, on hand, every night to 'mentor' the kids.

They don't intercede because that would be counter-productive as it would scare away the children.

Now I have no real way of knowing that story to be accurate, but I was told it from a psych nurse friend of mine who volunteered to do the nightshift for it and had to decide not to do it more than the one time - nothing to gain from telling me it just came out at the pub one night.

But again the advert was primed to make it look as though it's an organised mass of evil parents.