Monday, 23 November 2009

Now there's a headline I have no problem believing


Gordon Brown 'went for second best to spite Tories'

Is there no depth the monocular mentalist scum will not plumb for cheap and tawdry political advantage?

It's fucking even worse, because Mandelsnake looks like a fucking hero by comparison:

Gordon Brown rejected advice from Lord Mandelson to seek one of the big economic posts in the European Commission for Britain once it was clear that Tony Blair could not succeed in becoming Europe’s first president, The Times has learnt. Instead he settled for the post of EU High Representative for Baroness Ashton of Upholland.

The Business Secretary and other ministers believed that one of the EU’s three big financial jobs — running the internal market and financial services, competition or trade — would have served Britain’s interests better than putting such an inexperienced figure into the foreign affairs role.

Instead Mr Brown allowed himself to be persuaded — bounced according to some EU sources — into accepting the foreign affairs job by a combination of Europe’s Socialist leaders and José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission.

There were also claims that, in exchange, Mr Brown did a deal with President Sarkozy to give the internal market portfolio to the French, sparking criticism from the Conservatives.

Reading between the lines here, this looks like a broadside from Mandelsnake over the bow of the "good" ship Brown: he is saying that he would not have done things that way, so that when it all goes tits up, he can point a finger at the bogey-muncher. I reckon he'll pull the plug from his support of the Gorgon if the snot-gobblin' king does one more stupid thing.

With a bit of luck, it will all go bang just before the election.

Update: I'm not as dumb as I look.

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ScotsToryB said...

As Milliband is a hereditary Socialist(communist/statist, usually referred to as aspiring Fascist) is it even possible that Mil.Sen. knowing that Blair would fail,kept his own chances open until Slime had no chance? Forcing Brown(ah played rugby, not socca, hence ma inabili'y) to, err, fuck up?

Ony Machiavelliinating, like, innit.