Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Once again ...

... I appear to be at odds with the rest of the blogosphere.

Now, it is true that the Gorgon is blind and hand writing is a very difficult process for him. And that makes his determination to hand write a letter admirable. He could so easily have had someone type up something and then just sign it. Or rubber stamp it, as they did in the old days.

But we have an entire apparatus of government that sits at his side. Could nobody have checked the fucking thing before sending it out? This is a letter of personal condolence, for fuck's sake. Did people think that just because it's from a blind cunt of a Prime Mentalist that it would excuse all the mistakes and crossings-out?

Instead of making the effort to check the fucking letter, he just bashes it off and sends it out. So the woman who receives it (who has just lost her son, remember) is rightly insulted by the cack-handed effort and does something that I find incomprehensible, but then this is modern Britain.

So now the fat fuck is on the front page over an entirely avoidable issue. And he calls her to apologise, whereupon he promptly proceeds to treat this raging woman (who has just lost her son, remember) like he treats his mates in the Commons. Firstly, he tries to shift the blame to the opposition:

My writing is maybe so badly (speech muffled) that you can't read it.

So, it's not entirely his fault, the silly moo couldn't read it, that's all.

Instead of sucking up the punishment, he then proceeds to tell her that she's wrong in the trivial matter of how many mistakes he made. Really. The man is so dysfunctional that he thinks he can browbeat an angry, grieving mother over a number, like she's Nick Clegg, stumbling over PMQs.

And then, for me, the money shot:

I've got the letter in front of me and if you feel that my writing was not right then I'm sorry about that.

Let's just look at all the ways that this is wrong:
  • he apologises, not for the fuckups he made, but for the implication that she feels he shouldn't have written to her at all
  • it's not directly related to the problem, it's the usual Brownian motion to deflect criticism by turning it into an implication of failure or spite by the person having a go at him
  • he doesn't accept that she has any reason to be angry
It's his standard technique from PMQs. I'm surprised he didn't add something like "I won't take any lessons from someone who supported the illegal adventure in the Falklands".

And what staggers me is that nobody prepared him adequately for the phone call. They must have known or feared that she would tape it, surely? That is an astonishing display of hubris.

What little sympathy I have for Brown's medical condition is completely overshadowed by the fact that this is still our Prime Minister, at the head of a massive, bloated government. Is there no-one useful who can help him stop a disaster from turning into a catastrophe?

Update: Turns out CF is on my side and raises an interesting point:

... perhaps there's such a culture of fear and bullying in the bunker that no-one dared say anything, for fear of spending the rest of the day in A&E having fragments of a Nokia phone picked out of their skulls.

Update 2: I'm indebted to the Ambush Predator for bringing this slant to the story to my attention:

The evidence here is not the letter, but the story itself. That we can think/care about how our leader spells is proof enough that we need him out, a general election called, and a man capable of great oratory and gravitas appointed in his place.

(Although I am minded to point out that Hitler met those requirements as well.)

Update 3: John Miller points out in the comments that Gorgon had a copy of the letter when he phoned. So he or someone else photocopied it. You can't even pretend that he wrote it and bashed it into the envelope in a moment of human exhaustion or anything. The letter was handled before it was posted. Somebody could (and more importantly should) have stopped this all from happening.

I don't entirely agree with Oxford Spring. To me, this story is about monstrous incompetence around a small but important matter. It's not that Gordon is just a bloke on a walk - he's an arrogant fool let out without a leash. He's so used to bullying the simpering fucks around him that he's completely forgotten that there are people out there who won't put up with his shit just because he's a nasty, manipulative, duplicitous back-stabber.

That woman is currently in a place where it doesn't matter if you're the Prime Minister. In fact, she could reasonably blame him for the death of her son because he is spending money that should have paid for better equipment for her son, on dole bludgers and MP expenses instead. So instead of taking the punch and rolling with it, he chose to bicker with her.

All it would have taken for this to go away would be for him to have said: "I'd like to start by saying that I'm terribly sorry for sending that letter to you as it stood and I'm sorry that it didn't achieve the aim of expressing my sincere sympathies with you for your loss. I wanted to convey my respects and condolences in person and I hope that you can forgive me."

Even I wouldn't be able to fight that.

But no. He can't admit that he, James Gordon Brown, fucked up. Even his most recent apology (at today's press conference, I believe) was not an apology:

To all other families whom I have written to, I can only apologise if my handwriting is difficult to read.

Once again, he's trying to imply that it's all the silly moo's fault for not being able to read his handwriting.

Nuffink to do wiv me, guv!

Update 4: Once again, I find myself nodding in agreement with something CF says.


Dungeekin said...

I'm in support too.


John Holmes said...

With you 100%, I must admit I thought the reaction to the letter was a bit OTT but dear lord the call is just horrific.
The non-apologies are what really piss me off, this idea that someone can apologise for another person taking offence. Bollocks. Either apologise because you were in the wrong, or don't apologise because you think you're in the right.
His desperate attempt to connect with the common man (or woman) married to his complete ineptitude would be funny, were the poor woman's situation not so serious.
And you know what? I don't blame her for involving a newspaper. What else is she supposed to do? How else can she register her disgust? Everyone's read about it, everyone's listened to the call, job done. Well done her.

MTG said...

A well expressed expansion upon what millions think, Obno.

john miller said...

He had the letter in front of him?

The story is that he writes these himself late at night when his eye is knackered and he's exhausted, addresses the envelopes himself, puts the letters in and seals the envelopes with his own slimy saliva.

I don't believe it, but it is barely within the bounds of credulity.

But now we have to believe that he staggers off to the photocopier, runs off a quick copy and files it away in his own secret little file.

There is only one possible response; yeah, right.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I'm with you on this one too, clown.

In fact, I would even go as far as to say it's been set up. The mother has been used by Gordon to gain 'sympathy' for his 'condition'.

It wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, good summary, there is nothing he cannot make even worse.

Catosays said...

I've said on CF's blog that if the man can't see properly, then he should have had the letter typed up with an explanation/apology for its format.
Anyone would have accepted that.

MTG said...

Interesting lateral thinking, Rab but if your speculation is anything other than wildly wrong, we are governed by very sick people indeed.

JuliaM said...

"..there is nothing he cannot make even worse."

This certainly seems to be true. But maybe this isn't about the letter at all:


It'd be ironic, after all else, if this was the seemingly insignificant thing which brought him down, wouldn't it?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...


Nothing would surprise me about the bastards. Nothing.

Constantly Furious said...

Gettin' it said, Clown. Nicely put.

While we might despise the Sun's tactics, and even question the mother's activites, at the end of trhe day, we come back to the same place:

The man is not fit to be PM. In every sense.

Constantly Furious said...

NB. Please excuse the typo in the above comment.

I was typing with one eye shut, thinking about the economy, and didn't notice I had made a misteak.

It's easily done.

The Paragnostic said...

Well, they've just played an extract on TalkSport, and surprise surprise, a Labour stooge was straight on the phone trying to make out that Jacqui Janes had been coached on her responses to the monocular moron - luckily Mike Parry slapped him down big style.

Words cannot express my utter contempt for this government - I can't afford to emigrate, so I'm fucked.

John Pickworth said...

The Paragnostic said...

"I can't afford to emigrate, so I'm fucked."

Surely an opportunity for the 'people traffickers'; bunging disaffected Brits into the backs of lorry's departing for France... I'm sure there's huge potential here.

But yeah, I'm working now on just one goal, escape from this hell hole. Gordon Brown isn't the best man for the job, he's without doubt the very worse we've ever had. What amazes me is that we allow it to continue?

Fed Up said...

It's very suspicious that all the pro-Gordon comments on the BBC, newspapers, blogs, etc. follow much the same format. "I'm no fan of Brown but the Sun is nasty, he's only a poor invalid, he works so hard, blah, blah."

As always this government's first reaction is to try and spin it to their own advantage and not to solve the underlying problem.

Expect some dirt to be dug on the mother by the BBC or Guardian in the coming days. It won't have to be true.

Mitch said...

Toenails was just "playing" the woman and bigging brown up on R4 news, the fukin prick.

BTS said...

I heard someone's text/email comments read out on the BBC news channel this morning:

"It's terrible. The Sun are just taking advantage of this poor woman"

Okay, fair enough opinion to have of the rag. But they then continued with:

"That's why I don't vote any more."

WTF?!? I mean really WTF?!?

w/v: falsi - I'm waiting for the hormone treatment to kick in, all right..?

Sperm Lewis said...

I agree. Fucking bedwetters bleating "Poor Gordo", when tabloid innuendo is his own weapon of choice.

Cry me the Ganges, you twats.

Anonymous said...

"Turns out CF is on my side"

As am I, and I'm fucking partially sighted. See my place for a post.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear, Obnoxio. Remember what happened the last time someone disagreed with you? You published their personal details online for every cunt to see. How long until someone does the same to you because they don't agree with you on this?


Anonymous said...

This blog's unbelievable.

A completely ridiculous slant that is obviously biased by the author’s adopted and completely OTT hatred of the PM. I don’t care for the PM but I’m not going to waste my days writing BS like this.

What’s even worse are all the snivelling replies stating their agreement with the author’s opinion.

I can only laugh at you pack of sad lords.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I see the anonymongs are out in force tonight.

"You published their personal details online for every cunt to see."

Did I really? Or did the alleged "victim" do that and then draw attention to that himself to drive traffic to his blog under the guise of a Mossad killing that quite clearly hasn't happened?

"I’m not going to waste my days writing BS like this."

I'm not asking you to write it, cretin.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not asking you to write it, cretin."
I don't care whether you ask me or not, it's still BS.

Seriously though. Do you not see your hypocrisy. For someone who calls themselves a libertarian you seem to show a lot of emotional dependency on these people who you have such an irrational hatred of.

Constantly Furious said...

Boaty? D?

Mr Ecks said...

NuLab scum are on blog attack tonight(prob paid for with next months ammunition money for Afghanistan)--they have begun to realise how badly up shit creek they are. Guido is infested with them at the moment. Be please some of them are here Obo--you have arrived.

Anonymous said...

Oh Great Lord Obo. Please do not be troubled by these attacks, they only show that you've gained the attention that you've been so desperate for. Someday you’ll rule the world and I’ll be your Smithers. Now please, bend over and let me tongue you some more.

SteveShark said...

How come no-one sounds more self-righteous than a Nu-Labour drone?

Just an observation...

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"For someone who calls themselves a libertarian you seem to show a lot of emotional dependency on these people who you have such an irrational hatred of."

Well, for a complete idiot you seem to show no idea of what a libertarian is.

My hatred of nannying, hectoring, bullying suckers of corporate cock has absolutely nothing irrational about it: these people are the very thing that sucks liberty and the accompanying responsibility out of our souls.

Hating them is the only rational response.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Please do not be troubled by these attacks, they only show that you've gained the attention that you've been so desperate for."

And about time too!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "This blog's unbelievable. I don’t care for the PM but I’m not going to waste my days writing BS like this... I can only laugh at you pack of sad lords."

Hello, Mr Draper! I'm sure Obo will be delighted to have you amongst his merry band of window-lickers. How's the lovely Kate these days?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I admit I was wrong about our lovely Prime Minister. To show how wrong I am, I am now going to join the Labour Party.

Oh yes. I am also a cunt.

Mr Burns said...


Anonymous said...

"What’s even worse are all the snivelling replies stating their agreement with the author’s opinion."

Come and say that to my face, cunt.

Anonymous said...

Cunt even brought his dead daughter into it.

He can fuck himself. I cannot comprehend that all his hangers-on have let him do half of this, unless they are serving Mandy; that would not surprise me. No wonder his bum prolapsed with so many people up it.

If I had a terminal disease, I'd shove Mandelbum's mother up the good Lord's arse (should be an interference fit), tear out Cherie Blair's twat and stitch it onto the ringpiece using Tony's still-attached bollocks for a makeshift clit, rip Mandelson's head off and replace it with Harriet Harman's facing backwards, sew on Jacqui's norks and fuck the hybrid on Youtube to show poor wee Broon my condolences for his sad fucking loss.

It's a shame there isn't room for Jack Straw - the guy who does for Jews what Michael Barrymore does for poofs. But I'll take some of his son's drugs and snuff his life out with my faeces if the chance ever presents itself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stupid woman giving The Sun a story like that. Shame on her.