Monday, 9 November 2009

Well, du-UHH!?

The Prime Minister takes a great deal of time writing letters of condolences.

Perhaps the fat fucker should take us out of all these illegal foreign adventures then?


Dungeekin said...

Perhaps he should launch his own correspondence course.


I am Stan said...

It would be nice to imagine Mr Brown sitting quietly in his study, and after making sure he knew as much about the dead soldier and his family as possible,spend some time in quite reflection,search his consience and write a heart felt and sincere letter to them.

However, it seems he`s just bashed out a few lines while he wolfs down a burger and a can of coke before his next photo op.

He might as well have just banged out an email saying¨shame that..your mate Gordy¨

Trixy said...

OP HERRICK isn't illegal because the Taliban were never an officially recognised government by the UN. Which makes it a civil war...

Harri said...

Brown ' official' letter to Father Christmas has just been leaked...

" Dear Satan "

The dyslexic twat.

I have just read my first book by the way..

" Dyslexica for begonias "

Look, this is just like the Dwarf with learning difficulties, !

It aint big and it aint clever ?

Anonymous said...

Hey please watch this, Obo (relatively safe for work, not that you Informix wankers do any):

It's just another fat bastard jogging.

I wonder whether Mandlebum is hoping for a fat attack.