Monday, 14 December 2009

CoE loses plot ... again? ... still?

An idiot, earlier

Dude? What the fuck?

The Taliban could be admired for their religious conviction and their sense of loyalty to each other, the new bishop for the Armed Forces said.

Right, so let's start off with a new bishop, keen to make his mark and earn the respect of his flock and he starts off, not by praising his flock, but by praising the enemy who is killing his flock. Then we go on to praise their conviction to a demented, sick pervesion of faith that encourages the murder of the members of the bishop's flock. Then we get him praising their loyalty, when actually, the bulk of them are only loyal to the £7 they get paid every day for killing the kuffaar.

Way to go, bish! Wrong in every possible way and you just know your flock are already going to be angling for you to wind up in a Helmand body bag, long before you even warm your new chair up with that stupid arse of yours.

Stupid fucking cunt.

Update: The idiot apologises:

The Right Reverend Dr Stephen Venner said his words had been taken out of context by the Daily Telegraph.

Of course.



Steve Tierney said...

In trying to be moderate and reasonable he ended up sounding like an idiot. Not his finest hour.

JuliaM said...

"In trying to be moderate and reasonable he ended up sounding like an idiot. "

But that IS the epitome of modern CofE 'leaders'. No wonder church attendance is declining (though Dawkins no doubt thinks it's all his doing...).

Blind Pugh said...

Firebomb the cunt. Or get some squaddies to drive him out to a patch of sand known to be infested with landmines and let the cunt make his own way out, hopefully blowing all his limbs off in the process.

Daft, demented cunt. Pretty well sums up the whole fucking bunch of religious twats, whatever their persuasion. Deluded fuckwads the lot of them.

Mitch said...

Your rant is.pretty much what I shouted at the radio this morning .jeez this man's a turd even for a god botherer he is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Thing is the Church has fallen into apostasy (Thessalonians 2:2). Now, preachers no longer preach the truth, but 'a semblance of it, without the power.'

A preacher's job is to intercede for his flock through prayer. A good preacher understands the importance of intercession and also the Lord's protection and blessing over a congregation, without which, the devil and his minions gain control.

But because of the church's falling into apostasy, there is neither intercession, protection or blessing.

It's a spiritual battle that we are in and I'd be worried if I was a member of Her Maj's forces out in Afghan, with a bish like this.

Mitch said...

That hoary old chestnut "out of context" what a crock of shite, he should resign if he any sense or be sacked if he hasn't.

filosofee said...

Has this Bishop ever looked into what the Taleban stand for, what they do, how they (mis)treat other human beings, especially females? How can you admire anything of something which is mostly faulty? Are religious leaders the 'most useless entity the world over', or is that description reserved for politicians and climate doom-mongers only?