Monday, 14 December 2009

Tickled pink

I'm hugely amused by the fact that the petulant halfwit MP for Mogadishu East has blocked Iain Dale on twatter. Apparently, she said some uncharitable things about Iain and his sidekick Shane Greer and when he took her to task, the Labour government's Twitter Tsar responded in the only way she knew: she blocked his annoying arse from her timeline.

To escalate the debate to even greater heights, she went on to say (and I'm not making this up!): "Happy to debate with Tory MPs. @IainDale is not my political equivalent. He's unelected and unaccountable."

Aside from the ludicrous pomposity of this drivel, she also claimed that Iain Dale, the world's second biggest media whore after Paul Staines, only got into this spat to make himself famous, completely ignoring the fact that Dale has arguably spent more time on camera and on microphone than said MP for Mogadishu East.

It's quite remarkable that a sitting MP thinks that it's a good idea to badmouth influential political writers. It's quite remarkable that a government thinks it needs a Twitter Tsar. It's quite remarkable that the government's Twitter Tsar blocks anybody she has a hissy fit with.

And it's quite remarkable that a sitting MP has so much time to spend on Twitter - don't they keep telling us how fucking busy they are?

Kerry McCarthy: living proof that tribal voters will vote for a dog turd wearing the correct rosette.


Joe Public said...

Being "unelected and unaccountable" puts Iain on the same status as our beloved Prime Minister.

circus monkey said...

Bad language? Pleasuring yourself with fish? Your worse than Beppo

Mitch said...

Twit by name twat by nature.

Leg-iron said...

Labour won't have any voters once they ban smoking in the home. They've been trying to shed them all for a long time, and that should finish the job.

Circus monkey - when people say 'Obo sleeps with the fishes' they don't mean he's been offed by the Mafia.

Why do you think fish have such wide eyes?