Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Fu. Cking. Hell. #pbr

Existing budgets will remain unchanged until 2011, but he will admit that safeguarding frontline hospital, school and police services will mean deep cuts elsewhere in the years that follow.

Fucking hell, badgerbrows: you're only going to start fixing this in 2011 / 2012?

Ah well, nothing to worry about then! When things look a bit gloomy, I'll just phone up my bank manager and tell him I'll start sorting it out in three years' time. If it's good enough for the Chancellor, it's got to be good enough for the rest of us, surely?


David Gillies said...

For this to occur necessitates the hallucinatory scenario where Darling and his partners in crime haven't been turfed out on their ears. It's tantamount to my detailing the positions I'm going to shag Audrey Tautou in when she finally realises the error of her ways and becomes my filthy love slave.

Oleuanna said...

LMFAO @Mr Gillies

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I was watching Gordoom on the telly earlier with increasing uneasiness. I've long said he is a total loon and laughed along with the rest at his antics, but I now think my assessment of him is dangerously weak.

It was the arrogant toss of the head throughout badgers brows's speech, coupled with the knowing smirk, that made me think that not only is the man totally off his head, which is worrying enough, but evil with it.

He thinks he is a member of a special Aryan race. One which, unlike us ordinary folk, has been divinely elected to rule the world.

He reminds me now of Hitler. The only thing that will stop him is assassination.

God knows what else he has planned for this nation. I won't be surprised if the election next year never takes place.

St Paul said...

Now that the EU Constitution has been ratified Brown's job is done and he could have a touch of the vapors over Christmas and resign on health grounds. Everyone would be so glad to see the back of the deluded twat that NuLab could enjoy an electoral bounce. Brown could have a comfy retirement strutting his stuff and selling his ideas.
We could suffer a different Fabian sitting on the Council of Europe.
The Plank offers nothing.

Joe Public said...

Perhaps MPs could propose a new law banning such "Pass the Parcel" activities.