Monday, 21 December 2009

I'm number 1, so why try harder?

Mea culpa, I read somewhere that Cowell owned the rights to RATM's music, turns out I was wrong.

However, I wasn't wrong that both Cowell and RATM deal through Sony and while checking up my facts, I came across this ludicrous blog in (of course) the Graun. While Ben Myers wibbles on in finest approved Graun style (including references to fucking OBAMA for fuck's sake!) and completely ignoring that this cynical hoo-hah has just made a sack of money for Cowell anyway (more than if there hadn't been a "competition") and ignoring that this has just made Sony twice as much money, the real joy is in the comments:

i really don't care who the money made from RATM sales go to - it's irrelevant, isn't it? this is about an IDEA, not capital

I wonder if she'd feel the same if Nick Griffin owned the rights.

It is also - I hope - a sign that the slumbering giant of of our social psyche, (comatose from years of a market induced methadone addictiction) - is coming to a new awarenes that those who seek to influence us, to commoditize and commercialize and profiteer from every fuckin minutae of our existence- may not have yout best interests at heart.

Riiiight. So you're hoping that a cynical campaign to boost record sales in the run-up to Christmas will gabble gabble gabble something social psyche wibble. I hope you never pass your genes on.

There really is no end to the potential stupidity of the Guardian reader.

Utter, utter cunts.


Mitch said...

They really do believe the shite they write and get upset when reality won't change to suit their views.

Crap said...

Ha ha ha...
They are just a bunch of sweary Lisa Simpsons.

The Paragnostic said...

Ha! All the RATM royalties are going to Shelter, so fuck the Guardianistas and especially fuck Simon fucking Cowpat, the smarmy leeching cunt.

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