Sunday, 13 December 2009

Must-read blogging

Leg-Iron has a fantastic post about how smokers are bypassing the smoking ban. He's right, non-smoking people who didn't go to pubs were never going to suddenly start going just because they were smoke free. 

I reckon pubs are utterly fucked now. Well done all those self-righteous prigs who cunted up one of Britain's greatest traditions.


Norton Folgate said...

The same cunts that fucked up smoking have turned their attention to fucking up drinking, so pubs are going to be double fucked.

The fun nazis will ban reading the paper whilst having a shit next.

Anonymous said...

They won't ban reading the paper because that's where the fun nazi kunts print all their lies and endorsements for bans in the first place, newspapers that happily traded away their souls to the devil long ago when they rubber stamp printed the SHS Fraud lies and so now, like with the pubs, they're going belly-up as people wake up to realize they've been lied to by non-journalist propaganda artists all along. Everyone should start having their own pubs inside their own homes and screw the regular ones who didn't stand up for their own client base. It's just like everyone should stop paying for mainstream rubbish propaganda papers and just read online for free from the blogs and internet sources. At least there one might find some truth. And by having home-based pubs, one might do freely as one used to do before the meddling government decided to takeover private business property rights and the busisnesses happily ceded to their demands, based on the SHS lies.

Dick Puddlecote said...

As Norton Folgate mentions, best not use the past tense (ie cunted up) as they are still doing it. They've just adjusted their aim a little.

Don Shenker is a cunt.

Mitch said...

These sorts of things strike me as "evolution" of a kind, human behavior changing due to external threats such as wearing Hoodies in response to CCTV cameras.
The more these fuckers push the more we find ways to sidestep their authoritarian bullshit.
The falling turnout at elections is just a response to all politicians being lying shits and the realisation it makes no real difference to their lives so they stop doing it.

Leg-iron said...

They banned guns and gun crime The knife ban had the same effect. Many drugs are illegal so nobody's using them at, well, no that hasn't worked either.

Politicians have to wake up one day to the fact that the people they try to control are going to do just as they damn well please and even the Soviets couldn't stop them.

They'd find it a lot easier, and a lot more productive, to just leave us alone.

A lot safer too, the way things are going.

Anonymous said...

My local pub has turned into a speakeasy; in that, about 10:00pm the doors are barred and the ashtrays distributed. Those wishing admission must speakeasy to the doorman.
The smoking plebs believe that this offensive ban, against natural justice, will be rectified.

Mitch said...

When we work Saturdays or late week days the key gets turned and people light up.I don't smoke but enjoy the rebellion however small.

Laws in the end depend on popular sufferance not just some fuckwit with authority and a police force.We will continue to speed,smoke,drink too much because we know the laws are stupid like the people who made them.